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seepage and erosion with Permalon.

Protect your pond from seepage and erosion with Permalon?? Pond Liners. It??s available in a variety of thicknesses and can be customized.

seepage and erosion with Permalon.




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Reef Industries, Inc.

Address: 9209 Almeda Genoa St.
City/State/Zip: Houston / TX / 77075
Phone: 713-507-4251
FAX: 713-507-4295
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Reef Industries Inc. introduces Permalon a non-toxic polyethylene membrane ideal to be used as canal liners irrigation liners or other facilities where water management is an investment. Our liners are constructed to be state-of-the-art composites that offer the greatest tensile strength to weight ratio. This product resists punctures and tears for a more secure system to help minimize water loss and land deterioration due to seepage. Permalon can be custom fabricated to meet your project requirements.