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Ratio Bench

The Ratio Bench combines durable materials and a clean design that's at home in a wide range of settings. Powdercoated aluminum frames have integral armrests that curve gently outwards, creating an open, welcoming appearance. Seats and backs are stainless steel with obround perforations in an offset pattern; they may be specified in stainless steel finishes or powdercoat colors. Ratio Benches come in backed and backless versions.

Ratio Bench




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Address: 30 Pine Street
City/State/Zip: Pittsburgh / PA / 15223
Phone: 412-781-9003
FAX: 412-781-7840
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Forms+Surfaces is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance products used in public spaces worldwide. Our interrelated product lines include benches, chairs, tables, litter & recycling receptacles, bike racks, outdoor lighting and security bollards. In addition to some of the most durable products on the market, our designs invite creativity and provide real-world solutions to the challenges our customers face every day. No matter what the size or scope of a job, we embrace our role as an innovative, responsive partner that landscape architects and designers can rely on and trust.