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Waterworks International, Inc

There??s nothing more fun than an interactive splash pad. Exciting water features invite youngsters and ???the kid in all of us?? to enjoy a playful romp through the ???pops, swooshes, splashes and downpours?? created just for fun.

Waterworks International, Inc




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Waterworks International, Inc.

Address: 2100 Gravois Road
City/State/Zip: High Ridge / MO / 63049
Phone: 636-376-1900
FAX: 636-376-3242
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Fountain consulting design and equipment sales have been our specialty since 1986. Our popular interactive water features such as Jumping Jets Pop Jets Water Cannons and Towers are featured in fountains and splash pads worldwide. Let one of our Sales Associates look at your site plans and project needs in order to propose a complete design and install package even including custom elements where desired.One of our exclusive innovations Waterlite Software and Controllers provide user-friendly animation that downloads directly to the individual fountain elements. Waterlite systems control a nearly unlimited number of elements and feature simple wiring for very long distances with no need for exotic electronics.By incorporating our versatile Stainless Steel Deck Jets and LED Lighted Deck Jets the variety is endless for custom fountains and splash pads! Waterworks Lighted Deck Jets have interchangeable bronze nozzle inserts which can easily switch a Foam Jet nozzle to a Pop Jet Calyx Jet or Geyser Spray just to name a few.