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Deck Light Curve

CNC machined from stainless aluminum, our exclusive LED line leads the industry. Our new Deck Light Curve allows for serviceability in the field. The potential applications are unlimited. Also available in our full range of True LED Color Light Output. Built to last, we offer a 20-year warranty, a quality standard of excellence and competitive pricing.

Deck Light Curve




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Garden Light Inc

Address: 6112 Benjamin Road
City/State/Zip: Tampa / FL / 33634
Phone: 813-901-5595
FAX: 813-901-8493
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Established in 1996 Garden Light LED is a low-voltage LED architectural and outdoor lighting manufacturer located in Tampa Florida. We specialize in originally designed and handcrafted low-voltage LED lighting fixtures. Recognized globally for our cutting-edge LED technology Garden Light LED is home to the industries finest award-winning electrical and mechanical engineers with 40 years of combined experience in the LED industry. All electronic components are purchased stateside and all LED lighting fixtures and LED transformers are built in the USA.