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A Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Bill
Author: Staff
Working Together to Improve the Nation's Waterways
Issue: 10-04-18


Scott Pruitt Resigns as EPA Administrator
Author: Staff
Trump Names Andrew Wheeler as New Head
Issue: 07-13-18


Bill AB-2470 on Invasive Species
Author: Staff
Being Reviewed on June 6
Issue: 06-04-18


Poisonous Plants Bill Defeated in Idaho
Author: Staff
Bill Would Have Required Labels on All Plants Dangerous to Animals or Humans
Issue: 04-10-18


ASLA Statement on Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
Author: Staff
“Does not ensure fair tax treatment for landscape architecture firms…”
Issue: 12-07-17


San Diego ASLA Chapter
Author: Staff
2017 ASLA Chapter Reports
Issue: 12-04-17


Illinois ASLA Chapter
Author: Staff
2017 ASLA Chapter Reports
Issue: 12-02-17


Effort to Increase E15 Availability Is Stopped, for Now
Author: Staff
Bill Fails to Get Out of Committee
Issue: 07-28-17


NALP Leaders Meet With The Trump Administration
Author: staff
More Than 125 Landscape and Lawn Care Pros Meet With Legislators
Issue: 07-27-17


Moment of Silence: Fred J. Whyte
Author: Staff
Nov. 1, 1946 – July 7, 2017
Issue: 07-12-17


Change in Overtime Rules Passes House
Author: Staff
Law Would Allow Private-Sector Workers to Trade Overtime Pay for Time Off
Issue: 05-09-17


Legislation Update
Author: staff
New Jersey Snow Contractors, Eliminating Certain Permits for Applying Pesticides, Missouri a Right-to-Work State
Issue: 04-06-17


2018 Proposed Budget: By the Numbers
Author: Staff
America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again
Issue: 03-20-17


New Law Encourages Waterside Buffer Strips in S.D.
Author: Staff
Meant to Help Decrease Contaminants in Runoff
Issue: 03-16-17


More Money for Florida Beach Restoration
Author: staff
State Legislature Considers Bills for Extra $50 Million a Year
Issue: 03-10-17


H.R. 37 Set to Repeal Obama Era Regulation
Author: Staff
Federal Blacklisting Rule on the Chopping Block
Issue: 02-23-17


Senate Confirms New EPA Administrator
Author: Staff
Scott Pruitt to Head EPA
Issue: 02-21-17


Illinois State Legislature Trying to Impose Landscape Tax
Author: Staff
Senate Bill 9 Singles Out Landscape Industry
Issue: 01-28-17


Good News for N.J. Snow and Ice Management Companies
Author: Staff
Bill that Limits Slip and Fall Liability Passes State Senate
Issue: 01-25-17


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