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Protecting What's Valuable
Author: Staff

Issue: 11-21-18

CLASS Fund Calif. Landscape Architectural Student Scholarship Fund
CLASS (California Landscape Architectural Student Scholarship) Fund a not-for-profit organization shall be at all times organized and operated ex ...

Fungicide Resistant Turf Disease
Author: Staff
Penn State Researches Why This is Happening
Issue: 11-14-18


Pesticide Manual Review Class in Michigan
Author: Staff
On December 11, 2018 in Ann Arbor
Issue: 11-14-18


U. of Nevada, Reno Receives $3M to Study Asphalt
Author: Staff
Federal Highway Administration Granted the Funds
Issue: 11-06-18


Apply for LAF's CSI Program
Author: Staff
Investigate Benefits of Landscape Projects
Issue: 11-02-18


W.V. Pipeline Construction to Resume
Author: Staff
New Permit Issued to Replace One Overturned by Federal Court
Issue: 11-01-18


North Carolina State's 2019 Design School
Author: Staff
Registration Will Open on January 14, 2019
Issue: 10-29-18


Simple Delights
Author: Staff
Natural Stone Highlights Small Seating Area
Issue: 10-25-18


Gaining Traction
Author: Staff
A Comparison Between Tracks and Tires
Issue: 10-22-18


Green Space Reduces Urban Crime and Depression
Author: Staff
From Vacant Lots to Clean Lots
Issue: 10-17-18


U. of Vermont Stormwater Infrastructure Study
Author: Staff
Statewide Survey Given to Residents and Property Owners
Issue: 10-15-18


Purdue University Develops 3D Printed Cement Paste
Author: Staff
The Paste Gets Stronger Under Pressure
Issue: 10-15-18


P.E.L.A. Design, Inc.
Author: Staff
Issue: 10-15-18


Danish Develop Way to Track Pesticides in Soil
Author: Staff
Findings Can Lead to Cleaner Water Tables
Issue: 10-05-18


Boston University Buys Wind Power
Author: Staff
Decision Made to Lower Carbon Emissions
Issue: 10-02-18


IA's Learning on Demand Programs
Author: Staff
Courses Available While You're on the Go
Issue: 10-01-18


Michigan State Explores LEDs for Horticulture
Author: Staff
Indoor State-of-the-Art Lighting Laboratory
Issue: 10-01-18


Playground in the Sky
Author: Staff
Little Playground Offers Big Fun for Students
Issue: 09-17-18


The Effects of Mowing on the Growth of Turfgrasses
Author: Robert L. Green, Ph.D., Plant Science Dept., Cal Poly Pomona
Combining the Science and the Art of Mowing
Issue: 09-14-18


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