October 10th & 11th  |  9:00 AM — 3:00 PM  |  Long Beach Convention Center

Thursday, October 11th: 8:00 - 9:30 AM

Regenerative Soil Care
by David White, Ph.D
CEUs applied for: APLD, IA, NALP, PGMS, QWEL

I will give an introduction and overview of the Soil Food Web and instruction on how to make composts appropriate to the needs of the landscape. I will give examples of how to make compost extracts and actively aerated compost teas to increase soil biology levels, increase carbon sequestration in soil and improve plant health while saving water and eliminating the use of pesticides and salts.

TLE seminars are "more advanced than typical conference seminars."
- Adolfo Villanueva, CAM Services

David White, PhD
Regenerative Designs Ojai

David R. White Ph.D has lived and worked with gardens, farms, schools, non-profits and ecosystem restoration projects in the Ojai Valley for 30 years. He trained as a cell biologist and microscopist at Edinburgh University and has conducted research at the Universities of Edinburgh, Cornell, Rockefeller, and Idaho. In addition to being the founder of R.D.O., David is the executive director of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture, an environmental, education-focused non-profit. David also directs Once Upon a Watershed, an education program active at 12 schools in the Ventura River Watershed. After raising two children, he continues to spend his free time educating children at schools.  

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