October 10th & 11th  |  9:00 AM — 3:00 PM  |  Long Beach Convention Center

Thursday, October 11th: 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Pruning Shade Trees (Spanish)
by Oscar Sanchez, CA

*Seminar will begin in a seminar room and move outdoors for demonstration

We will talk about the importance of pruning a tree and the reasons why we do it. We will talk about it in class and look at drawings of pruning techniques. We will also talk about why topping is bad and the importance of sanitizing tools to stop S Tree Ds. We will look at the structures of trees and identify structural weaknesses and strengths. We will also take a look at several pruning tools and discuss how to use them properly and safely.

TLE seminars are "more advanced than typical conference seminars."
- Adolfo Villanueva, CAM Services

Oscar Sanchez
California Urban Forest Advisory Committee
Tree Care LA

Oscar J. Sanchez lives in Los Angeles. He has been a Certified Arborist for about 4 years and planted thousands of trees in the Los Angeles area with volunteers (some court appointed). Besides having a passion for trees Oscar also commutes by bike; logging thousands of miles each year. He serves with the California Urban Forest Advisory Committee, The ISA Western Chapter Spanish Education Committee and sometimes teaches Arboriculture at LA City College Community Services.

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