Systems for Success - Doing Business Easier, Faster, Better

By: David Bender, Weeded Lawn Service

Thursday, September 29th ~ 1:00 - 2:30 PM

David Bender, Weeded Lawn Service

Course Description:

Small businesses can do just fine working by the seat of their pants. Likely the owner/operator is strong enough in what they do that they can keep the operation moving forward.

Strong systems, however, can help make operations go smoother for employees and clients while also making the work easier, completed faster, and performed at a higher level.

Strong systems will put more money to the bottom line.

Learn David’s secrets of success as he shows you the systems he has in place that run from the time a prospective customer calls in all the way to when the post an online review about their experience. Also learn about how he welcomes and keeps his employees for the long term.


David Bender started mowing lawns at the age of 10 in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He had his first commercial mower when he was 12!

He attended the Cornell School of Agriculture and received his undergraduate degree in Business Management and Marketing. After a short stint in the restaurant business, David started mowing lawns again with one of his old mowers. He got his first job on March 2, 2002 and bought his first truck the next day.

David’s company, Weeded! Lawn Service will do over 1.6 million dollars in sales this year. He focuses on residential maintenance and commercial snow plowing.

David also is partnered with Forum Resources Network and is in charge of developing and running peer groups for the lawn care industry.

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