The Importance of As-Built Drawings

By: Brian Dong and Tony Ignacio, Site Measurement Services

Thursday, September 29th ~ 8:30 - 10:00 AM

Brian Dong, Site Measurement Services

Course Description:

This seminar will cover the importance of including accurate as-built drawings as part of the design process. We will highlight the value of as-built measurements and drawings in our field as a whole and emphasize its importance at the residential design level. We will teach attendees the appropriate questions to ask potential surveyors as a means to qualify them, what to look for in an as-built drawing to determine if it is done correctly, and how to leverage the as-built process in their design work. Finally, we will go over potential pitfalls of not having performed accurate as-builds with some real life case studies.

Learning Objectives
• Understanding different types of surveys and how to determine a good as-built drawing
• Role of as-built drawings in the design process
• Potential pitfalls of not having an accurate as-built measurements and drawings


Brian Dong is a licensed landscape architect, licensed contractor who has completed commercial and residential landscape projects in the Southern California region over the past 25 years. He has a degree in landscape architecture and biology. Professionally he continues to work in the landscaping field and runs several businesses including a landscape architecture studio, landscape construction company and site measurement service.

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