The Art of Influence

By: Peter Furst, UC Berkley

Thursday, September 29th ~ 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
CEUs: 1.5 PGMS, APLD Business, NALP

Peter Furst, UC Berkley

Course Description:

Incidents are generally rare events occurring in complex environments resulting from many factors. Some of these factors have a powerful effect on the choices made by workers in meeting the overarching organizational as well as personal need to optimize production/performance. Some of these choices result in incidents and losses which the safety practitioner/professional is expected to control/eliminate by getting the workers to follow the organization’s safety programs, policies, practices and procedures.

The traditional safety interventions, such as training, meetings, priorities, inspections, incentives or punishment have some effect, which do not last and certainly never eliminate the problem. Getting compliance is difficult and over a long period is virtually impossible since the safety professional usually does not operate from positional power as that power resided in supervisory management. The safety practitioner/professional has to be able to influence workers as well as others to actively want to comply.

In this session we will explore the science and practice of influence, Review the six fundamental tactics with their underlying psychological principles that direct human behavior, as well as practical application of these powerful tactics in the requests made and the compliance received, thereby getting closer to zero incidents than ever before.

Learning Objectives:
• Review reasons why traditional thinking may not be highly effective
• Discuss the six core principles of the art of influence
• Devise a portfolio of practical tools & techniques for winning performance
• Create win-win situations driving stakeholder satisfaction, leading to stellar results


Mr. Furst has almost 20 years of experience consulting with a variety of firms, including architects, engineers, construction, service, retail and manufacturing organizations. He has provided guidance in the design & implementation of innovative integrated organizational strategic and tactical solutions resulting in efficiencies along the value stream. He has guided organizational systems integration, aligning business and operational goals, enhanced management’s leadership and operational execution, utilizing Six Sigma, lean and balanced scorecard metrics optimizing human and business performance. He has also been instrumental in identifying project delivery performance issues offering comprehensive solutions along the value chain. He has provided motivational presentations at various organizations to all levels of management and employees.

Mr. Furst teaches courses in architecture, engineering, management and construction at the University of California Berkeley (part time since 1998). He was elected “Honored Instructor” 2005. He also lectures at California State University East Bay in construction management. He has also lectured a number of times at Harvard University.

Mr. Furst is a recognized motivational speaker, having spoken at conferences in both North and South America, including the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), National Safety Council (NSC) in both USA & Canada, Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Instituto de Seguridad Minera (ISEM) Peru, Harvard Safety in Design Symposium and many more.

He is a Registered Architect, Certified Safety Professional, Registered Environmental Assessor, an Associate in Risk Management and a Certified Risk and Insurance Specialist. He has published numerous articles in professional magazines & various websites covering such subjects as organizational culture, climate, leadership, management, strategic & tactical planning, process & systems improvement, Lean thinking, Six Sigma, organizational scorecard metrics, to drive organizational behavior, sustainability, performance management, human reliability, enterprise risk management, human error interventions, enterprise risk management, and safety process management.

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