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NHLA to Continue Popular Training Courses and Offer New Business Development Courses in 2016

The National Hispanic Landscape Alliance plans to continue its training program that helps make better trainers, and begin a program to help companies break the million-dollar barrier.

Landscape Online Weekly sat down with Ralph Egues, the executive director of the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance, and a half dozen of the organization's directors at this year's just completed GIE + EXPO to discuss as Egues said, "where the NHLA is today."

On top of the list was the extension of their "Train the Trainer" program, which is designed to make landscape professionals more effective trainers at their companies.

"What we've found is that the opportunity has really helped to activate this peer group that we try to form anyway. They're keeping in touch and they're helping each other with presentations and trainings they are doing at their companies," says Egues. "The other thing that it has done is help them assume positions of greater responsibility because it has built their confidence in their ability to engage others and in their speaking skills."

The two-and-a-half-day sessions have been held twice a year - one in the winter and one in the summer. This year there will be two in the winter. The first will be in Miami on Feb. 7-10, followed by a session in Los Angeles on March 6-9. The organization hopes to schedule more for the summer.

"Lawn Millionaire Mastery" is a new program designed by Domenic Chiarella who reportedly grew his landscape company from $750, 000 a year to $15 million a year in about 10 years.

"Ninety percent of our industry is under a million dollars (in yearly revenue)," he says. "They don't have resources to afford a $2,500 a day consultant."

Chiarella first developed a three-month virtual training program to help companies with their business development. Next came three-day, intense workshops that will be offered across the country. There are already six workshops scheduled in the winter and spring in different locations. The first ones are scheduled for Jan. 6-9 in Orlando, and Jan. 24-26 in Miami.

Those will be targeted to develop the lawn care portion of a landscape business. In the fall, other workshops will be presented to develop the snow management portion.

"These have been honed, it's workable and it's been out there with about a dozen other larger businesses," declares Chiarella.

Attendees will be provided templates, forms, and other tools for better managing their sales, production, accounting and HR processes in an integrated fashion.

"Lawn Millionaire Mastery is really in response to needs that our members have expressed to us that they have," says Egues. "We hear from members that tell us, 'I'm bigger now but I'm not making any more money than I was making when I was smaller.'"

Egues also discussed the exponential growth of membership this year.

"We had a goal of 200 members by the end of 2015," he stated. " We surpassed that in June of 2015. We are way past 300 so we'll have more than 400 contractor members across the country by the end of 2015."

The membership also includes 10 supporting members, which are companies that work with the NHLA to better engage the Hispanic community.

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