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Enlisting the Domestic Workforce


Over the past 10 years, LC/DBM has advocated for the National Association to encourage American Citizens to join the ranks in this most Honorable of Professions. Visit and find article #9930 to see one of the first commentaries on this subject and the numerous responses it generated from across the nation.

I make it a point to read as many landscape magazines, newsletters and commentaries as I can from across the country and see that many today are talking about the limitations of H-2B and the lack of workers available as the landscape industry, and the economy as a whole, heats up. Now, with Spring in the air, the need to enhance your crew is more important than ever.

I've seen and heard comments like, "we need to increase the H-2B limits," "you need to become less labor intensive," and "nobody wants these jobs." However, for most of the years I have been in this industry, very little was done to promote a healthy workforce from within our borders.

First of all, there is a huge group of Americans that are underemployed. No . . . I'm not talking race or immigration . . . I'm talking American males in the 20-24-year-old category. This is the largest segment of unemployed people across all races and the one segment that is most capable of doing the physical labor associated with landscape. This group is also willing to gain education and is the most easily influenced to begin a new career path
Over the years I've written about this issue many times and recieved a lot of kickback from (then) PLANET and also the Nurserymen's Association (ANLA), with most of their comments focusing on bringing in a foreign workforce based on the age-old misconception that "nobody else wants these jobs." To which I would reply . . . Why? Almost everyone I know in the industry loves the work and loves the job . . .

Fortunately, through the NALP Growing the Workforce Initiative, which was introduced in 2016 and has been gaining steam over the past year, the national association has taken a big step forward.

It's great to see NALP taking a proactive stance, by stating, "The Industry Growth Initiative is changing perceptions and narratives about the industry through aggressive public relations efforts that will redefine our image, making this a sought-after field of employment." Finally!

Now, though, it's time for NALP to redouble their efforts and really start to push this agenda across all media and across all 50 states. Spring is upon us and work is piling up.

To learn more about the NALP Industry Growth Initiative or to get involved, you can visit their website: and follow the menu link "Workforce".
Landscape is a noble and profitable profession. It's great to see the national association finally stepping up and taking steps to make the landscape industry truly great again!

God Bless . . . And Happy Easter!
George Schmok, Publisher

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