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Fire Pit Safety
Simple Tips to Help Keep Fire Pits Safe and Fun

Fire Pit Safety

One of the fastest growing causes of injuries to children in America has been severe burn wounds. Safety around fire pits is crucial to keeping kids from getting hurt.

In the past decade, burn injuries in the U.S. have nearly tripled. According to the University of Utah's health department, this rise in injury is due to an increase in fire pit sales. The university has released fire safety tips for professionals installing fire pits on properties that they can share with homeowners to keep everyone safe.

• Landscape professionals should make certain that they are installing fire features in areas devoid of any dry branches or leaves.

• Clear rules dictating acceptable behavior around the fire pit are helpful to avoid injury.

• One should always make sure that a fire is properly extinguished after use. The university states that coals can stay hot for 12 hours after a fire is extinguished.

These simple tips can help keep fire pits safe and fun.

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