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Bad Tree Beginings

You may be wondering how BT started.

I was working on an article, "Bad Trees! Identifying at Risk Trees" The images provided for the article were not big enough to use in a large format, so I created an image of a Bad Tree for the article.

When we were choosing the covers for the for the October 2002 issue of Landscape Contractor it was decided that the image should be used also for the cover. From there BT was born.

I started running the comic as a monthly part of the magazine in April of 2003. It ran in the magazine for a couple of years, then moved to it’s current home on

I hope that you enjoy the comic and please feel free to provide comments or ideas; I have been known to use them.

Current News
Still have a few of the original Bad Tree Comics to upload, But I am also loading up another comic I was doing. It is called Bamboo and Tikis, and you can view the comics on this page.

Also I am working on creating a BT cartoon. I've include a test sample below so you can see how it's going. Haven't compressed it yet so it might take a few seconds to load on a mobile device.

Going to put out two bad tree comics a week, so keep checking.

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