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Century Products

Address: 1144 N. Grove Street
City/State/Zip: Anaheim / CA / 92806
Phone: 714-632-7083
FAX: 714-632-5470
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Century Products proudly manufactures and distributes a wide variety of landscape products for the urban forest. We lead the way in hardscape protection by introducing and implementing the suggestions of architects into each of our products. Our company has a licensed contractor and ISA Certified Arborist on staff to answer all of your questions. In doing so we have improved upon features needed in the industry as well as extended the life-time of our products to ensure maximum protection. Field tested ISA Arborist approved and endorsed Century Products manufactures the most versatile and advanced root barrier on the market today at the cost of 30-40 less than our competitors. Manufactured from recycled polyethylene with ultra violet inhibitors Century Products Root Barriers are backed by a material defect warranty which meets and exceeds all landscape standard specifications. Our CR-Series Dual Purpose Root/Water Barrier rolls are the most versatile and advanced root barrier on todays market. Where others fall short our CPU-Utility Panels are designed to protect utilities water infiltration tanks and IT lines custom made to fit any application from 4-10 and beyond these panels have a new flexible connection that enables the panels to be bent and shaped for better coverage and maximum protection.