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Five mini excavators ranging in size from .9 metric ton to 4.5 metric ton are included in the Ditch Witch?? line of underground construction equipment. Their digging capabilities range from 4 feet 11 inches to 13 feet deep. Ditch Witch MX family mini excavators are rugged, versatile, easy to operate and easy to maintain.





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Ditch Witch

Address: P. O. Box 66
City/State/Zip: Perry / OK / 73077
Phone: 580-336-4402
FAX: 580-572-3527
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Ditch Witch Inc. offers a wide variety of underground construction equipment including trenchers vibratory plows horizontal directional boring systems and related products. 1201 East Sixth St. Corona CA 91719 Toll Free 800-491-9004 Phone 909-735-7510 619-448-0770 Fax 909-735-8480 619-448-0071