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Steel Table

A beautiful steel table, with recycled wood fiber/resin seats is mounted on cast iron swing arms. The swing arm table makes a stylish alternative to traditional picnic tables and park benches.

Steel Table




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Iron Age Designs

Address: 2104 SW 152nd Street, Suite 4
City/State/Zip: Seattle / WA / 98166
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Decorative drain grates used to be exclusive to high-end landscape projects with big budgets. Typically they were produced by expensive artisan foundries and required custom fabricated frames. As a result many contractors and homeowners were left without an affordable or easy-to-install decorative option.ENTER IRON AGE DESIGNS.Our founders former artisan foundry professionals themselves set out to create designer metal castings that are not only beautiful but also engineered to fit existing drain bodies from major manufacturers. We reasoned that pairing our grates with these readily available pre-formed drain bodies would give our customers an easy cost-effective way to transform their drainage from eyesore to decorative focal point.That was 12 years ago. Since then Iron Age has expanded our artfully designed collection of trench and catch basin grates to include tree grates site furnishings and custom architectural castings.