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Techline HCVXR - Award winning (2016 IA People's Choice) dripline

· Long Lasting Protection Throughout the Life Of The Dripline
Cupron copper oxide will not wash off, wear off and does not leach out of the emitter providing superior root intrusion resistance.
· High Check Valve In Each Emitter
The high check valve is great on slopes because it holds back 8.5' of water (elevation change) keeping the dripline charged for even distribution of water with no low emitter drainage.
· Four New Emitter Flow Rates
Achieve maximum design flexibility with four new emitter flow rates - the most options offered in the industry.

Techline HCVXR - Award winning (2016 IA People's Choice) dripline




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Netafim USA

Address: 5470 E. Home Ave.
City/State/Zip: Fresno / CA / 93727
Phone: 559-453-6800
FAX: 559-453-6803
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Netafim USA is the industry leader in water conserving smart irrigation with dripline products for residential and commercial sites sports fields parks medians tennis courts golf courses rooftop gardens and more. Netafim dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials - an industry first.