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Planters Unlimited

Address: 6056 Corte del Cedro
City/State/Zip: Carlsbad / CA / 92011
Phone: 888-320-0626
FAX: 760-598-9888
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Vendor Information:
From concept to creation, Planters Unlimited offers commercial planters and pots, outdoor furniture, and other customizable landscape solutions designed and fabricated for the commercial environment. Known for our custom manufacturing capabilities and highly durable products, our planters are the top choice for landscape architects, who require their designs to be stylish, functional, and long-lasting. Choose from fiberglass, stone, wood, composite, and stainless steel planters, all constructed with internal reinforcement for added stability, and outdoor-rated materials that make them durable even in freeze/thaw conditions. Fully customizable, these planters can be made in virtually any size, style, or finish—choose from 25 colors and four unique finishes, including real metal. Oversized, self-watering, and watertight planter options are also available, along with brand- and logo-based designs and those with light and power sources. Ideal for city beautification projects, industrial-grade hanging baskets are also offered in traditional and modern styles and an assortment of sizes, and include self-watering options. Outdoor furniture, space dividers, decorative wall panels, trash receptacles, and more commercial furniture are also available at

Our clients include:
- Disneyland
- Hard Rock- Paramount Studios
- Starbucks
- HD Supply
- HGTVs Curb Appeal
- Louis Vuitton
- DIY Networks King of Dirt