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SB2-11 Drill

SiBore Drill: The portable horizontal boring machine. Saves time when installing conduit, pipe, and water lines without damaging concrete sidewalks and patios. When you need a hole under something hard, SiBore Drill.

SB2-11 Drill




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SiBore Drill

Address: 6152 Brinker St. SW
City/State/Zip: Navarre / OH / 44662
Phone: 330-844-0042
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The Fast Reliable Horizontal Auger

For Anyone Who Needs A Hole Under Something Hard.
If you need to lay pipe underneath a sidewalk or driveway the SiBore Drill is all you need. With the SB2-11 you39ll have up to an 8quot diameter hole. With the SB1-1 you39ll have up to a 6quot diameter hole. Both cleared in less then five minutes. These horizontal augers are lightweight time-savers. The SiBore Drill uses a waterless boring method leaving you with a dry debris-free hole.