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36" Walkway Adapter Kit

The Concrete Edge Company introduces a walkway adapter kit for its Lil' Bubba EPC Landscape Curb Machine to extrude a 36" wide concrete walkway. Stamps and Coloring creates the look of brick or stone. See a video at our websites forum.

36" Walkway Adapter Kit




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The Concrete Edge - Lil Bubba

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Founded in 1992 The Concrete Edge Company has grown from a two man curb installation company to a multi-million dollar curb equipment manufacturer. The Concrete Edge Company is a leader in manufacturing landscape curb equipment and supplies. Our innovative approach to helping the growth of the industry has set us apart from other manufacturers. The Lil Bubba curb machine was first used in 1992 by golf courses as a solution to turf erosion along golf part paths. It was not long before individuals discovered Lil Bubba and its profit potential. With our own crews already in place we developed an ensemble of support equipment and tools that really fit the nature of the landscape curb business and began offering packages of equipment along with training. All the while our own crews were acting as a real world classroom for continued research and development. Today we offer auger plunger and small commercial curb machines as well as custom trailers ground preparation machines mixers decorative stamping and lighting tools walkway installation tools integral and overlay colors instructional videos and promotional materials. Most tools and supplies will work with any existing landscape curbing system. The Concrete Edge Company is dedicated to developing equipment and tools to make the landscape curbing industry easier and more profitable for everyone.