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Portable Boring Machine

Our machines weigh in at 96lbs. and are specifically designed to be transported without the use of a trailer. Our bits are three-bladed and have leading carbide tipped edges arranged in a serrated pattern. Water is used to keep the bits cool and to create slurry.

Portable Boring Machine




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City/State/Zip: Wills Point / TX / 75169
Phone: 972-436-3888
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BORING MACHINE - Weighing in at 96lbs. this machine is specifically designed to bore horizontally from ground level without the need of a working pit. Its functional and efficient at getting the job done. Its weight and size make it a perfect fit for the back of a work truck. Available with Honda or Briggs Stratton engines. (2007 model shown here with Honda 5.5hp engine)BITS REAMERS - from our 2 bit to our 6 reamer all come with staggered carbide tips to handle the roughest soil conditions. Staggered carbide tips create a serrated cutting action. Our line of bits and reamers will allow you to bore up 6 inches in diameter.DRILL STEM - All of our drill stem is made out of 1 O.D. Schedule 80 drill tubing. Available in standard sizes of 20 12 10 and 9 foot lengths. You choose what size best fits your transportation and job site needs. Custom sizes are available anytime.