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Palmetto St. Augustine

Palmetto is a semi -dwarf St. Augustine grass and is our best performer in shady conditions. Palmetto also thrives in full sunlight and is the most heat -tolerant of all St. Augustine cultivars. Palmetto has a coarse texture with a soft leaf. Palmetto makes a stunning bright green turf. Palmetto should not be over -seeded in the winter. Palmetto should be mowed with a sharp rotary mower.

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American Sod Farms/Evergreen Turf

Address: 15507 Old Milky Way Rd
City/State/Zip: Escondido / CA / 92027
Phone: 7607389112
Fax: 7607381705
Website: Americansodfarms.com
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American Sod Farms/Evergreen Turf

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A legacy of 30 years of growing sod in SoCal, American Sod Farms grows TWCA certified tall fescue, Latitude 36 bermudagrass, TifTuf Bermudagrass, Aloha Paspalum, St. Augustine, and Tifway Bermudagrass. The right grass for the right application. Customers include the Banc of California Stadium, City of Coronado, Torrey Pines Golf Club, and our neighborhood backyard!

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American Sod Farms/Evergreen Turf
Escondido, 92027

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