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The HydraSCOUT? probe is the latest in the soil moisture probe range from Hydra Sensor Technologies International Ltd and uses capacitance as the measuring technology. Using capacitance as the measuring technology, they can be deployed on any irrigation systems. MICRO IRRIGATION CENTRE PIVOTS SUITED FOR SURFACE IRRIGATION DRIP IRRIGATION FLOOD/SURFACE IRRIGATION




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Integrated Crop Capture

Address: 3233 S. I Street
City/State/Zip: Tulare / CA / 93274
Phone: 559-686-5080
Fax: 559-686-5294
Website: integratedcropcapture.com
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Integrated Crop Capture

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Integrated Crop Capture was established in 2016 as a distributor for HydraScout probes in California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona & Texas. Since then, ICC has expanded into a wholesale company that specializes in soil moisture capacitance sensor probes. ICC is unique in that they sell to dealers and indirect customers in order to increase accessibility to individuals and larger operations.