Try This, too!

This is another story that has names of books of the Bible hidden in it. There are 17 names somewhere in this paragraph. One book is used twice, but only counts once. Ignore spaces and punctuation marks and you will find them all. The first one is easy:

My name is Sisker, Gene Sisker. I’m a detective. One day, a man came into my office seeking someone’s help. His name was Joe Lever and he had lost his list of favorite books of the Bible and needed to find it right away. He was in a hurry to get to church to deliver his pop’s alms and offerings. His siblings Inez, Ray and Daniel had given him money, too. “I put the list in my diary,” the man said, “It chronicles my whole spiritual journey and I’m lost without it.” “Relax,” I said, “I’m good at finding things like that. Where do you keep your other diaries? There it will be, too.” So we went to his house and looked in his desk drawer, but it was empty. We searched the whole house, then went outside. Joe realized that his flowers were getting dry, so he picked up a hose and watered everything. I was getting impatient with him. Then his neighbor came over to see what was going on. Joe whispered to me, “Don’t let that old hag gain any information, she’s a gossip!” I was shocked at the way he spoke about her and soon observed that it was not the truth. She seemed nice. “She acts so smug,” Joe whispered again. My annoyance with this job was rising. He offered me a refreshment, to cool my temper down. It was a sweet drink that he said was made with Delphi lemons. It made me whoozie, and he confessed that he had put liquor in it to make me sleepy. What a revelation! This man hadn’t lost his Bible list! He wasn’t even a Christian! “Who’s the real victim here?” I demanded. “Isn’t it us?” he replied. Then, “O! Bad I! Ah!” and Joe confessed his whole plot to distract me while his partner in crime ran an illegal numbers game. Such shameful acts are always punished so I took him to jail.