By „Celtacian‰

I've got a new car
it's fifty years old
found it in a junkheap
a rusting grey tinged jalopy

It's all mine
I'm so proud of it
it's gonna be the best there is
and better than that
they don't call me God for nothing

I've got a new hammer
it's broken and used
found it in a forgotten shelf
a dust littered rusted piece of iron

It's all mine
I'm so excited about it
think I'll throw a huge party
and everyone is quite very much invited
they don't call me the God of nothing

I've got a new pipe
it's clogged and leaking
found it in a old warehouse
a bent out of shape sink drain

It's all mine
I'm so in love with it
can't wait to make good on my promise
to smother my precious with blessings
they don't me the God of love for nothing...