Politics aside, he is a Christian true.

Black Tie Black Eye
by Barbara Stanley

One of the things that has always bothered me the most about DC is the railing against each other by day & then going out for a drink together in the evening How can folks who are diametrically opposed in goals duke it out (like gentlemen for the most part, on the Right side of the aisle), one wanting smaller government & lower taxes, the other, big government & all kinds of social programs, tax & spend democrats & then yuck it up at the local watering hole. It always boggled my mind & it is one of the things about politics that I find so distasteful. This kind of behavior gave rise to the "old-boys club" & "inside the Beltway deals" that are odious to me.
How can you really believe in something for hours during the day & then put those strong beliefs away in the evening? I have had a few try to explain this to me & condescendingly at that, that this is "politics" & I'm just some dumb skirt, pat me on the head & I'll go to my sewing.
Every year there is a black tie 'do' in DC that has the president making a few self-deprecating remarks for the press people to gloat about & then some entertainment & everybody goes home laughing. But not this year & not with this president. Hallelujah, I'm a happy camper at last!
While the first speaker, the incoming president of the self-important press folks spoke, the talking in the room, for the most part, still went on. A complete example of how rude most of these self-important reporters are.
They couldn't even shut up & listen to their newly installed chief. It was annoying to me to try to listen to this guy as he fumbled to get the audiences attention. It was also embarrassing to watch.
Than George Bush was introduced & the room took on a hush. I could tell they were all waiting for George to let bygones by bygones, swallow the crap he has been getting from them all year & mock himself for their enjoyment.
But, with Helen Thomas, hair all done up & looking spiffy right there on the dais as though she held some kind of special place in the scheme of things, George showed them all what class really looks like.
This was no a joke-fest, like a few years back, with Imus sweating bullets & talking about Bill (The Pig) Clinton's Astroturf in the back of the truck while Bill and Hill glaringly watched. Nope, this was a new day for the lot of them & Bush put them all in their place (at the feeding trough below the bottom rung). I really wish I had taped the thing, so I could watch & listen over & over as the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop as they sat salivating for the headlines of the articles they would write the next day.
George Bush, freshly victorious in the Liberation of Iraq, was one class act. He got up, he spoke & his topic was the men who died in Iraq, two of the press' own: Michael Kelly and David Bloom. He commended them for their work: he lauded them for their lives & George finished his remarks, of some length, with the last email that David Bloom sent home to his wife. David told his wife that here he was, in the prime of his career on the eve of his fortieth birthday, in a war zone with the troops as the newly created "embedded" reporter & that all that was really important was her, his wife, their children & Jesus.
Yes, George Bush said the name that has virtually everyone in the press nattering: Jesus. He said it with conviction; he said it with respect & he said it with love. Then he sat down. And the audience sat stunned! I almost couldn't believe my eyes and ears.
It was pure joy to watch the emcee get up, flustered as all get out, trying to fill the gap in time for the band to set up for the entertainment.
I only watched a few more minutes before I felt my heart leap with such gratitude that I thought I would cry. Finally a man who stands by his convictions, who cares truly about the previous year & his work during that time, a time of great challenge as France, Germany, Russia, Red China, the United Nations & the press called him out on his decision to liberate Iraq.
A year that saw Bill Clinton & Jimmah Carter speak out publicly against Bush, while traveling around as though they were still in charge, dealing with the enemy as the press told us what great peacemakers they were.
Bush is my cowboy & aren't we glad we still have men like him to lead this country. The cowboy is revered by those who understand the true definition of this kind of man; a man slow to anger, never one to pick a fight, always ready to defend the defenseless, a man who has stones & backbone & heart & is willing to go out and face down the badguys, even if it means his own destruction.
For the last year, almost the entire press has slung the arrows at George, has mocked, has ridiculed, has trashed him mercilessly & has done it on an hourly basis while they pretty much ignored the real hypocrites, to attack the Christian president. They called him stupid, they called him "shrub", they challenged every decision as though they really cared, as though they really understood the full import of the situation & last night George showed them all he has been paying attention & has not forgotten that their actions have caused people to suffer and die more than was absolutely necessary.
Every day in every way, my esteem for this man grows & last night he said what I wanted him to say, he did what I wanted him to do & I will not forget this man is working for me. Thank you, President Bush, from the bottom of my politics-weary heart.