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09-14-18   Come To The Landscape Expo in Long Beach!


09-13-18   The Broken Kilometer


09-12-18   Team USA Wins Gold in Brazil


09-11-18   University of Arizona Groundskeepers Honored


09-10-18   Professor Develops Morphing Asphalt Sealant


09-07-18   Walter Hood Gives TED Talk on Landscape Design


09-07-18   Top 20 Greenest Colleges


09-06-18   Associate Builders and Contractors Florida Graduates


09-05-18   Literature in the Landscape


08-31-18   Stanford Research on Alternative Fuels


08-31-18   U.S. Play Coalition Calls for Presentations


08-30-18   How One Professor Aims to Limit Worksite Injuries


08-28-18   Stanford University Researching Better Batteries


08-27-18   New Website to Aid in Environmental Best Practices


08-20-18   UConn Study on Pollinator Activity


08-20-18   A Study Comparing Standard and Nature-based Play


08-14-18   Preschool Teacher Receives Grant to Study Play


08-13-18   Insecticide Efficiency in Turf Study at Penn State


08-10-18   Texas Tech Researchers Evaluate Playgrounds


08-10-18   Excellence in Education Award Recipient


08-09-18   Oklahoma State University's Freeze Tolerant Turf


08-09-18   New Fertilizer Research From UC Berkeley


08-08-18   Researchers Awarded for Construction Studies


08-08-18   New Research Center Tackles Construction Problems


08-08-18   CSU San Bernardino Recognized as a Tree Campus USA


08-07-18   Colorado State University Consumer Day - Aug 11


08-06-18   Latinos in the Workforce Class by OSU


08-06-18   Mirror Lake Renovations at Ohio State


08-02-18   UMD Assistant Professor Awarded $1.1 Million


07-27-18   Landscaping Workshop for Lakefront Properties


07-24-18   2018 North Carolina ASLA Student Awards


07-24-18   LAF Honors Two Auburn University Case Studies


07-23-18   Architecture Meets Literature


07-23-18   Moment of Silence: Ron Herman & Michael Painter


07-23-18   U. of Maryland Researchers Create 'Super Wood'


07-23-18   ASU Landscape Architecture Grad Plants Trees


07-23-18   University of Hawai'i Adds MLA Program


07-23-18   Regents to Consider UC Davis Development Plan


07-13-18   UC Berkeley Excellence in Landscape Design Awards


07-05-18   Free Online Pollinator Class


07-02-18   Irrigation Training on the Radio July 5


06-25-18   Mitigating Thermal Pollution in Stormwater


06-22-18   Landscape Construction Class Aims to Use VR


06-21-18   K-State Adds Graduate Drone Certification


06-20-18   CU Boulder Innovation and Efficiency Awards


06-19-18   Cornell Combats the Emerald Ash Borer


06-13-18   Second Annual Voice of Play Survey


06-01-18   UConn Makes the Switch to LED


05-29-18   2017 Campus RainWorks Challenge Winners


05-18-18   Seven Student Scholarships Available


05-14-18   Landscape Architect Bash


05-14-18   Landscape Architecture Foundation Olmsted Scholars


05-07-18   12 Grads of Unaccredited Master's Program in Landscape Architecture File Suit Against Colorado State U.


04-27-18   UT Dallas Landscaping Recognized by LA Foundation


04-25-18   UConn Professor Creates New Landscaping Plants


04-16-18   Team From Cornell Wins ULI Competition


04-13-18   NALP Awards Educator of the Year


04-09-18   Economic Association Deem Neonicotinoids Safe


04-04-18   LAF Announces Seven Fellows for 2018-2019


03-28-18   Top 10 Landscape Architecture School Programs for 2018


03-22-18   Emerald Ash Borer Invades University Property


03-06-18   Applicants For Illinois Public Gardening Endeavor


02-23-18   HRI Announces Projects Receiving Funding in 2018


02-07-18   Study Shows Honeybees Attracted to Fungicides


01-31-18   Researchers Use App to Study Impact of Nature on City Dwellers


01-31-18   Self-Healing Concrete Infused with Fungi


01-27-18   App Helps Diagnose Plant Diseases


01-09-18   Deadline Approaching for LAF Scholarships


01-05-18   University of Michigan Develops Stronger Concrete


12-27-17   College Students That Garden Eat Healthier


12-26-17   Glow-in-the-Dark Gardens In the Future?


12-15-17   How Did the August Eclipse Affect Plants?


12-14-17   Green Heart Project Plants Trees for Health


12-13-17   Elementary School Receives Pollinator Grant


12-06-17   Invasive Plants Adapt for New Climates


12-04-17   Biomimicry for Better Cement


12-02-17   Common Insecticides Found to be Toxic for Songbirds


11-30-17   Green Spaces Linked to Increased Thermal Comfort


11-27-17   When Used Properly, Neonics Don't Harm Honeybee Colonies


11-17-17   Fungicide Use Linked to Bee Decline, Says Cornell Researchers


11-16-17   Toro Announces Winner of Super Bowl Sports . . .


11-16-17   Universities Honored as Green Power Leaders by EPA


11-08-17   Head Start to the Construction Trades Program Graduates First All-Female Class


11-07-17   Ten Trade Teachers Awarded Over $500,000


11-03-17   Emerald Ash Borer Found in New York City


10-26-17   Earn IA CEUs with Mike Grabowski


09-05-17   Trees in Megacities Worth $500 Million Per Year


08-28-17   Irrigation Educators and Students - Apply for E3 Program


08-22-17   Researchers Uncover Varroa Mite Weakness


08-18-17   More Harmful Effects of Neonics on Bee


08-17-17   Undergraduate Enrollment Down, but Not in Construction


08-16-17   Horticultural Research Institute Offering Scholarships


08-07-17   Light Pollution: The Latest Threat to Pollinators


08-03-17   Checking Monarch Population Counts


07-28-17   UConn Creates Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems Major


07-27-17   Urban Trees Have an Impact on Weather


07-26-17   Advanced Training for Landscape Company's Employees


07-24-17   Universities Partner to Release TreeSnap App


07-20-17   Pesticides, Pollinators and Turfgrass


07-20-17   Moment of Silence: Philip Howard "Phil" Lewis Jr.


07-17-17   Cal State Long Beach Partners with Caltrans


07-06-17   Another Study Confirms: Neonics are Bad for Bees


06-30-17   In Drought Conditions, Vinegar May Save Plants


06-27-17   Urban Heat is Bad for Bees


06-26-17   Plants May Kill Parts of Their Roots to Survive Cold Weather


06-22-17   ACI Foundation Funds Research Projects


06-21-17   University of Wisconsin - Madison Merges Departments of Landscape Architecture and Urban & Regional Planning


06-19-17   An App to Help Detect EAB


06-08-17   Using Drones to Evaluate Turfgrass Quality, Color


05-25-17   Sacramento State Partners with Keep America Beautiful


05-19-17   Improve Your Skills at Montgomery College


05-17-17   Propane Council Initiates New Education Effort


05-15-17   Cal Poly SLO to Build Solar Farm


05-12-17   University of Arizona's College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture Gets New Dean


05-11-17   EPA Announces Winners of Campus RainWorks Challenge


04-28-17   LAF Announces 2017 Olmsted Scholars


04-20-17   Educators: Register for IA Faculty Academy by April 27


04-19-17   Investigating Glyphosate Resistance


04-04-17   Ecosa Institute Offers Tution-Free Ecological Design Certificate


03-23-17   BYU Provo Wins National Collegiate Landscape Competition


03-16-17   Earn IA CEUs by Listening to the Radio


03-13-17   When a Native Species Becomes Invasive


03-11-17   National Pesticide Safety Education Center Names Executive Director


03-06-17   Educators: Register for IA Faculty Academy by April 27


03-01-17   University of Florida Entomologists Introduce Bug to Eat Cogongrass


02-28-17   MIT Offering Free Concrete Webinars


02-24-17   Horticultural Research Institute Announces Scholarships Winners


02-23-17   Call for Speakers - TLE Long Beach


02-23-17   Consortium for Dark Sky Studies


02-10-17   The Trees Are Alive with the Sound of Insects


02-08-17   Sending Plants to Space


02-07-17   Impacts of LED Lighting on Wildlife


02-06-17   Habitat Restoration Helps Pollinators


02-03-17   Learn About the SITES Initiative in Boise


02-02-17   NALP Foundation and Marty Grunder Award Four Student Scholarships


02-02-17   Cornell Researchers Find Plants Communicate


01-26-17   Students Invited to Enter Parking Solutions Competition


01-18-17   More Impacts of Neonics on Bees


01-16-17   Studying Subsurface Drip Irrigation in New Mexico


01-12-17   Is California Out of Drought?


01-10-17   Commercial Beekeeping Program at Niagara College


01-10-17   Cal Poly Pomona Examines Deficit Irrigation


12-27-16   With Disease Resistance Comes Insect Susceptibility


12-22-16   2017 National Collegiate Landscape Competition


12-20-16   SMART Garden at RCTC


12-16-16   Poinsettia Trials at Texas A&M


12-16-16   University of Kentucky Landscape Architecture Students


12-14-16   Middle Tennessee State University Has a New School


12-13-16   Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Sustainable Urban Communities


12-09-16   Neonics Also Impact Predatory Insects


12-08-16   Green Spaces Reduce Student Stress


12-01-16   Toro Announces Winner of Super Bowl Sports Turfgrass Training Program


11-29-16   Cement-Based Materials Absorb CO2 Over Lifetime


11-28-16   Keeping up with


11-22-16   Parasitic Plants Can Steal Host DNA


11-17-16   Colorado State University Releases Annual Plant Trial Results


11-15-16   Record Number of Foreign Students Studied in US in 2015-16


10-21-16   Americans Love Their Parks


10-13-16   Possible Breakthrough for Plant Breeders


10-03-16   The New Wave of Water Conservation


09-06-16   Tofu for your Turf


08-18-16    Imitation is the Highest Form of . . . Design?


04-06-16   New Mexico Landscape Company Debuts Scholarship Program


02-18-16   Green Schools Expo Slated For March 31-April 1


01-27-16   Decorative Surface Solutions Offering Class


01-19-16   2016 GOMACO University Opens This Month


01-13-16   Collegiate Landscape Competition March 16-19


01-06-16   Ohio ASLA Recognizes Knowlton Students


12-29-15   Mentors Recruited for ASLA Program in Utah


12-16-15   UC Berkeley Students Tackle Special Project


12-02-15   Woodbury Expands Degree Offerings


11-30-15   App Concept Wins National Award


11-17-15   UC Riverside Students Win Odebrecht Award


11-11-15   NALP Accredits DuPage Horticulture


11-03-15   Therapeutic Landscape Earns ASLA Award


10-28-15   Exterior Lighting Design Class


10-14-15   Intensive Lighting Design Course Oct. 22-27


08-25-15   Establish $25,000 Endowment for the Ron Naus Memorial Scholarship


06-16-15   UC Berkeley Students Design Gardens for Drought


05-07-15   School for Advanced Segmental Paving Offering Mechanical Equipment Training for PICP


05-19-14   Arborjet Launches Inaugural Scholarship Program


03-10-14   On the Path to a Horticulture Career


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