Article : Launch of the Place des Festivals

Launch of the Place des Festivals

The new Place des Festivals, Montreal, dusk. Shown here: the ‘Dynamite Blast’ feature by Crystal Fountains at the center of the park’s interactive fountain displays, climbing up to 30 feet in height. Crystal Fountains submersible LED lighting technology was used to illuminate all the fountain jets in the square, from ground to full water height, creating additional drama and visual excitement.

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The official launch of the Place des Festivals took place on September 7. Earlier this summer, the mayor of Montreal presented a ‘sneak preview’ of the fountains.

Crystal Fountains worked with Piscines Soucy to select and supply components for the fountains in the new square including the custom-made Dynamite Blast™. This custom nozzle features a thick, blast of water that can rise as high as 35 feet / 10 meters. Altogether nine of these Dynamite Blast™ features were used in the square, each one creating the impression of a large mass of water, but with safe impact, thanks to the unique pattern of drilled holes. With its clear acrylic faceplate and built-in light fixtures, the Dynamite Blast water appears to glow from within as water climbs higher and higher, creating spectacular effects. Crystal Fountains submersible LED lighting technology was used to illuminate all the fountain jets in the square, from ground to full water height, creating additional drama and visual excitement.

International water feature specialists, Crystal Fountains worked with Piscines Soucy and architects Daoust Lestage, to bring visual dynamite to the new water features that are the central attraction at Montreal’s new ‘Place des Festivals’. At the heart of the historic – and now renovated – quartier, long known for its theatres, jazz festival, and all forms of entertainment, the new Place or Square features an array of 235 fountain jets, spread throughout the square in rows of up to 10, spanning out from a central, circular array of fountains. The square is 30 meters wide and 140 meters long (approx. 110 x 460 ft).

Along with the Dynamite Blasts, 150 Choreoswitch(R) deck-mounted jets and 76 custom deck mounted jets were installed. Proprietary ChoreoSwitches(R) are computer-programmable switches that choreograph the water, creating dazzling water shows. For the Place des Festivals project, Piscines Soucy worked with mechanical engineers, the SM group, and installed 16 pumps with 205 hp to drive the water jets.

The Place des Festivals in Montreal is the second collaboration for Crystal Fountains, Piscines Soucy, and Daoust Lestage, following the award-winning (2009) Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain project in Quebec.

This square is the first in a three-phase development of the overall plan for the Quartier des Spectacles prepared by architects Daoust Lestage and urban designer Cl?ment Demers which will ultimately include three magnificent public spaces. This extraordinary project for Montreal will likewise ensure the future of the Festival International de Jazz de Montr?al, which would otherwise have lost over 50% of the surface area of its outdoor site.

Crystal Fountains has been animating public and private spaces around the world since 1967. In the specialized craft of water features, it is a world leader, offering technical and aesthetic designs, commercial, residential, and custom product manufacturing and a range of services. With offices in Canada and the Middle East, Crystal Fountains’ innovative designs can be seen across six continents and in more than 30 different countries, including Chicago’s famous spouting ‘Crown Fountain’ in Millennium Park, and water features at some of the world’s tallest buildings: Taipei 101 and Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers. Crystal Fountains has completed water feature projects around the world attracting a multitude of awards and other honors.

Source: Melissa Riche

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