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Minimal Materials, Maximum Results
      ... project that included new lighting, spa, fire feature, water feature, pergola structure and landscape design. As far as the hardscape design, it is an excellent example of the same st...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - April 2019     View Comments

Achieving 100 Percent Stormwater Retention
      ... Achieving 100 Percent Stormwater Retention Contractor Installs Permeable Pavement for a New Courtyard Garden ...
Author: David Aquilina, Issue: LCN - April 2019     View Comments

The Trees Are The Stars
      ... fixtures in order to rank their resilience to particulates and water. Six is the highest the first number can go, meaning it is "impossible for dust to enter" the fixture; while eight is the ...
Author: Greg Frank, Issue: LASN - April 2019     View Comments

Lighting 201
      ... of different fixtures were used (bullet lights, down lights, waterproof, etc.), the lighting is even throughout the landscapes, all important areas are properly illuminated without glare, a...
Author: Bruce Dennis, Issue: LOL - April 18, 2019     View Comments

High Drama From Low Sources
      ... a new raised patio, outdoor kitchen and bar area, fire feature, water feature and plantings. ...
Author: Lori Hawkins And Pete BryanS, Issue: LOL - April 10, 2019     View Comments

Raised Expectations
      ... entire community amenities deck, which contains an infinity saltwater pool, linear fire pit, high-tech fitness lounge, river viewing seating areas, bar/grill/dining area, and tile clad waterfa...
Author: Landscape Architecture By Linda Tycher And Associa..., Issue: LASN - April 2019     View Comments

Nothing Sour Here
      ... a number of sustainable design practices. The rain water from the parking lots is collected in vegetated swales to control the quantity of run-off and the removal of contaminants ...
Author: Landscape Architecture By RJM Design Group, Inc., Issue: LASN - March 2019     View Comments

Sister Cities Park At Logan Square
      ... A small Cypress bridge helps visitors avoid the water from the nearby Wissahickon Creek that was diverted down a hill and into the play area, though some explorers may opt to f...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - March 19, 2019     View Comments

Reawakening The Waterfront
      ... Reawakening the Waterfront Hudson River Park Development Continues by ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - March 2019     View Comments

The Usefulness And Meaning Of Rural Greenways
      ... and preservation of much-needed greenspace for recreation, water management and wildlife habitat. This study was designed to advance understanding of greenways by presenting data and find...
Author: Professor Michael Seymour, PLA, & Assistant Pr..., Issue: LASN - March 2019     View Comments