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July 26, 2017, 10:38 pm EST

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Updating An Iconic University Landmark
      ... willows, soft rushes and young river birches. Goose deterrent fencing protects the emerging aquatic plants. Marsh marigold, New England aster, soft rush and thread-leaf bluestar populate the...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - July 2017     View Comments

A Seamless Blend
      ... and dimensional bluestone patios and walkways, custom cedar fencing and gates, a fire feature and a custom pergola constructed with white oak they sourced from a barn in eastern Ohio that ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - June 2017     View Comments

Cerritos College Child Development Center
      ... a cleanup station (bottom) and architectural patterned security fencing. The students are encouraged to make noise here with bamboo and metal chimes, gongs, cowbells, sleigh bells and even pot...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - June 2017     View Comments

Contracting For The Environment
      ... installed a brick walkway, a dry creek bed, a steel trellis, fencing, irrigation, and site-appropriate native plants. The funds generated from this native landscape installation funded an e...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - March 2017     View Comments

Pavion Park Playground
      ... is accented further with Adirondack chairs, Lodgepole fencing and sandstone boulders. Over the past three decades, the play area fell into a state of di...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - March 2017     View Comments

FAMU Way Extension And Capital Cascades Trail Segments
      ... finish, Cali capstones and argos grout. Ornamental steel fencing is atop the wall. The poles on the right side of the walkway are 'SoleCity' vertical projection LED light posts. 'Wow' p...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - February 2017     View Comments

Holy Hardscapes
      ... railings incorporate details from the original 100-year-old fencing and fa?ade adornments (e.g., quatrefoil pattern, lamb's tongue, and decorative scrolls). o 'Tuscan' artificial stone co...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - February 2017     View Comments

Germantown Town Center Urban Park
      ... granite cobble from the Baltimore Salvage Yard. The metal wall fencing (GREENscreen) has 3"-thick panels and is steel edged. Photo: Roger Foley ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - January 20, 2017     View Comments

Opening Access To The Allegheny
      ... gabions, which separate disparate areas of the park without fencing, essentially ha-has, i.e., vertical barriers that don't block the landscape view. Graded forms in the park include mound...
Author: Landscape Architecture By Environmental Planning &..., Issue: LASN - January 2017     View Comments

Fundamentals Of Engineered Walls
      ... length of wall, and freestanding columns joined by aluminum fencing. Unfortunately for the developer, the mall that was supposed to be built on the site that the wall supported didn't deve...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - January 2017     View Comments