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September 24, 2017, 12:16 pm EST

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Woodruff Park Splash Pad And Playground
      ... delight users during the day and after dark with colorful LED uplighting. The splash pad was built in 2014 by Headwaters Construction, Cumming, Georgia, and all fountain components were design...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - September 2017     View Comments

      ... space and mechanical room. Attractive historic replica lighting posts, benches and trash cans are found throughout the park, inviting users to sit and visit, even after dark. A black,...
Author: By Bryan Janhsen, RLA, Knudson LP, Issue: LASN - September 2017     View Comments

Mission Bay Kids' Park Playground, San Francisco
      ... Wide sidewalks and LED pedestrian lighting cut through the park to provide a safe passage for families in the nearby housing to visit the playground, or just to w...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - September 2017     View Comments

Green Wall Helps Subaru Pacific Go Green
      ... planter that captures all the runoff from its building, and daylighting solar tubes reduce electricity consumption in the service area. "Whether they want to test drive a Partial Zero Emissi...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - August 16, 2017     View Comments

P Street, Lincoln, Neb.
      ... The city design standard changed all street lighting from high-pressure sodium vapor lamps to LEDs. The standard also requires post-top luminaires. ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - August 2017     View Comments

Enhancing The Retail Experience Through Streetscape . . .
      ... to enjoy its warmth and glow in colder months with integrated lighting elements that extend its place-making function in the summer months. It is broken into three 20' long segments, each wi...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - August 2017     View Comments

Academy Street Improvements
      ... grates. Duke Energy provided the pedestrian-scale LED street lighting. Alternative modes of transportation, such as biking, are promoted by the inclusion of custom bike racks with a dogwood...
Author: Landscape Architecture, Planning And Transportatio..., Issue: LASN - August 2017     View Comments

Light Pollution: The Latest Threat To Pollinators
      ... Latest Threat to Pollinators Artificial Lighting Disrupts Nocturnal Pollinators When it comes to the decline of p...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - August 07, 2017     View Comments

Medians And Roundabouts
      ... quarry of Pine's Stone Co., of Carbondale, Colo. DB8 decorative lighting poles are used to support the hanging baskets. The concrete is pigmented with Davis Colors. ...
Author: Architecture By Norris Design, Issue: LASN - August 2017     View Comments

Best Practices: Fire Pit Building
      ... a wood-burning pit. "Wood takes more work from the client with lighting and cleaning, but is more cost effective," he added. ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LCN - August 2017     View Comments