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May 28, 2017, 5:03 am EST

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Teaming Up
      ... Contractor Relies on Manufacturer to Fine Tune Desertscape Lighting By Andrew Soto, LC/DBM The owners of a remote Cave Creek, Ariz., home wa...
Author: By Andrew Soto, LC/DBM, Issue: LCN - April 2017     View Comments

Bringing Color Into The Mix
      ... Michael Sestak, principal of Sestak Lighting Design, overhauled the outdoor lighting system for a home in Elk Grove, California. After he realized an entirely new l...
Author: By Michael Miyamoto, LC/DBM, Issue: LCN - April 2017     View Comments

SolarOne Solutions, Inc. Acquires Inovus Solar, Inc.
      ... designs, manufactures and sells commercial-scale, solar-powered lighting and LED technology for use in a variety of outdoor applications "One would be hard pressed to find two more complement...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - April 12, 2017     View Comments

Omaha LED Retrofit
      ... Omaha LED Retrofit Lighting by McKay Landscape Lighting The 120-volt can lights on the corners of the home left the h...
Author: Steve Kelly, LASN, Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

Shining A Light On A New England Masterpiece
      ... reveal the unfolding landscape from within the house. Outdoor lighting was a key component of the design and facilitated the creation of a variety of spatial experiences. Photo Credit: Gre...
Author: By Peter Stephens, Dan Gordon Landscape Architects, Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

South Bend River Lights
      ... to the Jefferson Boulevard Bridge and Seitz Park (left). The lighting design by Bloomington, Ind.-based designer Rob Shakespeare includes the "Light Trio" (3 light towers on the west bank)...
Author: Narrative By Christopher Chockley, RLA, AICP, LEED..., Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

Riverfront Park And Ascend Amphitheater
      ... Landscape Architecture by Hawkins Partners, Inc. Lighting Design by Domingo Gonzalez Associates Formerly a brownfield, now a LEED Gold achi...
Author: Lighting Design By Domingo Gonzalez Associates, Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

Reaching For The Stars: Cremin Playground, Somerville, Mass.
      ... painted the interior gloss white and fitted it with signage lighting that shines out through those perforations, adding a twinkle to the entryway. ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

A New Walkway For Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, N.J.
      ... a new design for the back campus walkway, including new lighting, paving and sculptures. ...
Author: Partner Engineering & Science-Landscape Archit..., Issue: LASN - April 2017     View Comments

The Uncommon, The Odd, The Ornate
      ... The Uncommon, the Odd, the Ornate Lighting Landscapes Mike Dahl, LC/DBM Bef...
Author: Mike Dahl, LC/DBM, Issue: LCN - April 2017     View Comments