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Landscape Communications Inc., published the first issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News (LASN) in July 1985. In 1998 Landscape Communications debuted a second publication, Landscape Contractor/Design•Build•Maintain (LC/DBM). These publications are photographically oriented, professional journals featuring topics of concern and state-of-the-art projects designed or influenced by registered Landscape Architects and Landscape Contractors worldwide.

The editorial goal of each publication is to inform and promote their profession through feature articles on projects and new concepts in their industry. In addition to reaching virtually every registered Landscape Architect and Landscape Contractor in the United States. Landscape Communication's professional readership also includes school & campus designers, city planners, developers, erosion control specialists, irrigation consultants, architects and golf course architects.

Landscape Architect & Specifier News

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Providing landscape architects timely information on design-build, water management, hardscapes, custom residential, city planning, school and campus and other topics pertinent to the profession. If you or your firm have won any awards or designed an innovative project, we'd love to showcase it in LASN. With the largest, most qualified reach and readership in the industry, LASN's national circulation is 32,100 with a total readership of over 120,000. Please click on the links below for detailed information on submitting editorial materials.

Month Cover Theme Bonus Distribution Product Focus

January Sustainable Design
Sustainable design is certainly the mantra for landscape architects today. Sustainable design seeks to work with nature and negate environment impacts, while reducing consumption of nonrenewable resources, minimizing waste and all the while creating healthy, productive environments. Water-efficient landscapes, "green infrastructure" and recycled materials are some of the phrases commonly associated with these designs.
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World of Concrete
Landscape Perimeters:
Fencing, Walls & Gates

February Hardscapes
Hardscape materials and designs can give a residence, a town plaza, a streetscape or campus a special identity, as well as offer stormwater management.
IECA Show Paving Materials

March Parks
By maximizing use of limited green space and providing play areas for children, landscape architects continue to foster Olmsted's idea that "every community should have a park at its heart."
Park Site Amenities

April Lighting
How a landscape architecture design looks at night is not only about safety, but also aesthetics and energy savings. Use of decorative poles, shielded luminaries, uplighting, downlighting, spot, façade, path and step lighting fixtures and bollard lighting are just some of the options to enhance a site's night environment.
LightFair International Lighting Products

May Annual Specifier's Guide
LASN's annual showcase of products in 10 categories is the reference landscape architects consult when specifying their latest projects.

June School & Campus Design
LASN will feature school landscape designs at all levels of education - elementary, middle school, high school and college and university, plus engaging landscapes of corporate campuses.
Play Structures & Safety Surfacing

July Water Features
Water is often an integral and complementary element in landscape designs, including the use of decorative fountains, pools, ponds, streams and waterfalls, spas and stormwater collection.
TNLA Fire & Decorative Water Features

August Streetscapes
Downtown streetscapes are focusing on multi-modal and pedestrian-friendly designs, enhancing traffic flow and attracting people to downtown areas to foster economic growth. The designs of landscape architects and the use of site amenities are crucial to their success.
  Area/Street Lighting

September NRPA Show Issue: Playgrounds
LASN showcases the latest innovative playground designs for schools and parks. Accessible play for children of all abilities continues to grow, as does inventive, thematic design.
NRPA Show Open

October LASN's ASLA Show Issue /
Firms of L.A. and Central California

This year our popular annual issue featuring the project work of regional architecture firms focuses on those firms either based in or with offices in Los Angeles or central California.
Triple Show Issue!!!!
Hardscape NA

November Custom Residential
Approximately 70 percent of landscape architects do residential design work. LASN will showcase how landscape architects enhance residential properties with landscape design and outdoor-living elements.
Green Products

December Yearbook/Reader's Choice Awards
LASN presents the 10 most viewed articles on, and on the LandscapeOnline Weekly Newsletter. LASN also makes room for the ASLA Chapters to report on their activities and initiatives this year, plus we remember those landscape architects lost to the profession this year.
Best of the Year

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Landscape Contractor/Design•Build•Maintain

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LC/DBM provides landscape contractors with valuable and practical information about every aspect of their businesses, their employees, their machines and their projects. If you or your company has any award winning projects or innovative installations we'd love to showcase them in our national magazine. LC/DBM's circulation is more than 50,000 with a total readership of over 120,000. Here's information on how to submit:

Month Cover Theme Hardscape Column Product Focus Trade Shows

January Fences, Walls & Gates
Installing these structures is becoming one of the most common assignments for landscape contractors across the nation. This issue examines the process of selecting the best products, and building top-notch projects..
Fencing Double Show Issue!!!!FenceTech

World of Concrete

February Maintenance
Since 78+% of LC/DBM readers cite landscape maintenance as one of their revenue sources, and landscape maintenance is a "Top Five" most requested article subject, here is a look at maintenance strategies and equipment.
Installation Equipment

Double Show Issue!!!!


March Hardscapes
In LC/DBM's annual readership survey, designing, installing and maintaining hardscapes are the subjects most requested by readers. In this first of two hardscape themed issues, LC/DBM showcases exemplary hardscape projects, and the products that go into them.
Dumping Trucks & Trailers

April Lighting
With the growth of landscape lighting as an important revenue source, each year we feature some of the most impressive installations from around the country.
Lighting LightFair International

May Annual Buyer's Guide
LC/DBM Annual Showcase of award-winning, modern residential landscape designs.

June Custom Residential
57% of LC/DBM subscribers work on single-family residences. Shade structures, fire elements, hardscapes, kitchens and fireplaces are all a part of this fast growing segment of the industry.
Outdoor Living

July Water in the Landscape
Landscape Contractors are leading the way in the design and installation of water features, waterfalls, ponds, artificial streams and custom pool designs.
Water Elements & Irrigation TNLA

August Hardscapes II
With more than 70% of LC/DBM's subscribers installing pavers; and 49% installing retaining walls, this issue takes a second look at hardscape products and the best projects in both commercial and residential markets across the country.
Paving Materials TNLA

September Maintenance Equipment
Mowers, blowers and backpack sprayers are the most popular pieces of equipment owned by LC/DBM readers. An examination of the latest and greatest of these and other maintenance machines will help them with their buying decisions.
Maintenance Equipment

Triple Show Issue!!!!
TLE-SoCal TLE-NorCal

October GIE Show / Installation Equipment Issue
The industry's attention this month is on the outdoor power equipment show so we highlight the newest, most innovative installation tools for landscape contractors.
OPEN (Advertiser Showcase) Triple Show Issue!!!!Hardscape NA GIE+Expo

November Lighting II
Especially in the winter months, landscape lighting is an important element in any project. With more than 59% of LC/DBM readers installing and designing landscape lighting, this significant industry segment deserves more illumination.
Fire Elements  

December The Yearbook
Every December, LC/DBM looks back at the most influential people, the best projects, the most read features and the best new product introductions of the year. This is an indispensable issue and is perfect to kick off your 2017 promotional campaigns.
Site Amenities

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