Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile shade system in the world. Its patented modular design allows it to adapt to any space, be configured in one or multiple colors, and change within minutes to create new designs and patterns.

Infinity Canopy extends and retracts on a pair of cables that can attach to freestanding structures like pergolas, or span between two opposing structures such as two walls or a building and a freestanding frame. Unlike other canopies that are made of one long piece of fabric, Infinity Canopy is comprised of individual fabric panels that connect together to create shade sections of any length in one or multiple colors. Multiple sections of 1-15’ wide Infinity Canopy are placed side by side to cover the width of the space. The individual shade panels can be interchanged to create unique designs not possible by any other shade system.

Other features include the ability to:
· Open and close the canopy from either direction or in the middle.
· Add vertical panels to either or both ends for additional shade and privacy.
· Control the flatness and bellowing of each panel.
· Lock individual panels in place or remove panels for open space.
· Add or remove sections and panels to increase or decrease the width and length of the canopy.
· Change the canopy’s color within minutes or with multiple colors create new designs and patterns.
· Quickly remove for winterization
· Easy onsite repairs with replacement parts and panels.

Since its introduction in 2015, Infinity Canopy has received multiple utility and design patents. Architects, designers and contractors utilize Infinity Canopy’s unique offerings for all types of projects, from small residential pergolas to commercial projects as large as 50 x 50 feet without midway support. The canopy can be operated manually, with pulleys and motorized for seamless operation.

Infinity Canopy utilizes prefabricated parts and shade panels to reduce manufacturing time, simplifying the installation and providing a highly adaptable and versatile product at a fraction of a custom canopy’s cost. Unlike ordinary shade products that have a limited life span and must be replaced completely at some point, Infinity Canopy can be repaired onsite and updated to last for decades with minimal cost and effort.

Infinity Canopy is revolutionizing the shade industry. There is no other shade system matching the features, versatility and adaptability of Infinity Canopy. For more information and to use Infinity Canopy in your projects, contact Infinity Canopy at 844-422-6679 or visit www.infinitycanopy.com.

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