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Thursday, Oct. 24th 8:00 - 9:30 AM

Firewise Native Landscaping:
Secrets to Success

by Greg Rubin

Seminar Price: $60


Room: TBD

Far from being "fire bombs" a native landscape might actually contribute to fire safety around your home - it's all in the approach. A number of Greg Rubin's native landscapes have been involved in major fire events in San Diego county, without the loss of a single home, despite the sad loss of neighboring homes in many cases. It appears that a few basic considerations may actually help a native landscape become quite fire resistant. Greg will explore the factors that encourage successful, fire resistant native landscapes, including design, irrigation, and maintenance, and will share actual case histories from great fire events in San Diego county.

Discussion also includes proper thinning techniques for existing chaparral. Greg will examine ways to deal with the aftermath of fire, like erosion and weed control, and whether "restoration" is required or not. The success Greg has had with native landscape performance in fire has led the United States Navy to award his company a 5 year research grant that scientifically tests various methods of fuel modification, including thinning regimes and native garden design. Greg will share some preliminary results of the study so far. Although one could never guarantee that a native landscape will save a home in a fire event, experience has shown that contrary to popular opinion, a native landscape may actually be a sensible and environmentally responsible way to achieve defensible space around homes.

Greg Rubin

Licensed Landscape Contractor

California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc.

Greg Rubin was recently named the 2018 Horticulturist of the Year by the San Diego Horticultural Society. He is the president and founder of California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc., and is a licensed landscape contractor (C-27 No. 717147) who has been working with California native plants since 1985. By 1993, Greg fully transitioned out of his career as an aerospace engineer to devote himself to his successful and unusual landscaping business. His company has designed over 700 residential, commercial, and institutional native landscapes in Southern California. Specialties include year-round appeal, low maintenance, water efficiency, rich habitat, and fire-resistance. Greg regularly gives presentations and workshops on native plants to conferences, garden clubs and other organizations throughout Southern California. His website is

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We are excited to announce this is Greg Rubin's first time presenting at the Landscape Expo.

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Greg is co-author, with Lucy Warren, of "The California Native Landscape: the Homeowners' Design Guide to Restoring its Beauty and Balance."

He and Lucy now have a second book, "The Drought Defying California Garden", also published by Timber Press in 2016.

Greg has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Diego Union Tribune and Los Angeles Times, and magazines such as Sunset, San Diego Home and Garden, California Gardener and Kiplinger's. Media coverage includes appearances on all of San Diego's local news outlets, CNN & MSNBC.

For information on fire-resistant native landscape principles and case histories, visit California's Own Native Landscape Design.

To learn more about the San Diego Horticultural Society, click

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