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Thursday, Oct. 24th 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Non-Toxic Weed & Disease Management

by Joe Frisbie

Seminar Price: $60


Room: TBD

Break the landscape pest cycle! We will explore workable, environmentally friendly and sustainable design, installation and maintenance management practices that reduce chemical and fertilizer usage by 80% or more.

You will learn a low cost, effective and environmentally friendly approach to deter harmful bugs, weeds, disease-causing pathogens and uninvited critters. Learn how to revive, restore, rebuild and regenerate our soils!

We will discuss the dynamic interrelated association of soil organisms that create soil structure and increase water holding capacity, and how they diminish pathogens in the soil and minimize insect attack. Learn about the importance of using plants that sustain each other. You will learn how to put the green back into the green industry and put more green into your pocket.

Joe Frisbie

Building Envelope Analyst

Green Plumber

Landscape and Water Auditor

Sustainable Practices Associates

Joe has been in the landscape industry since 1980. He owned and operated a landscape maintenance and tree trimming company for 20 years. He has a diverse background of "dirty hands" experience and education in the industry. Joe understood early on that his company could only deliver the best service if his employees had the best skills. To meet this goal he has qualified as both a QAC and QAL; he is a certified Green Plumber and Backflow Tester. He is consistently upgrading his own skills and knowledge through coursework, seminars including Ted Stamen's Certified Arborist Training program and Rain Bird Smart Controller Training. Beginning in 2010 he foresaw the need for better water management and irrigation practices and took on the CLCA Water Management program. Over the last 9 years he has performed water audits for Golden State Water, Cal American Water and Upper San Gabriel Water District throughout southern California. In keeping with his goal of raising industry standards and competence, Joe is an instructor with Irrigator Tech Training. A partner with both Moonstone Construction and Water Management Group, they consult on water resource management and MWELO compliance for both the private and public sector.

Previous TLE Presentations

2016 – Effective Water Conservation for the Professional Landscape Contractor

There is more to water conservation than a proper design and operating system. This distribution system is only good for getting the right amount of water to the right place, with the least amount of waste. Even with the water evenly distributed throughout the root zone, if the applied water goes past the root zone it is wasted money. If the water does not consistently cover all of the roots we stress the plants which can lead to numerous issues which is wasted money. So the most important part is what happens once it gets there. This presentation will include a number of processes validated by a voluminous record of scientific and field tested principles that raise the processes of water management beyond the simple system of ETc derivative scheduling, system monitoring and repairs. The end result is a reduction of water use for turfgrass by 50% or more, relative to ETc, over a sustained period. Seminar will also include a second guest speaker, Bernd Leinauer, Ph.D., from the University of New Mexico, who will cover topics in subsurface drip irrigation for turf areas.

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