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Wednesday, Oct. 23rd 1:30 - 3:00 PM

Meeting the new MWELO Requirement: It Now Requires Compost!

by Dan Noble, Kathy Kellogg Johnson and Jack Wright

Seminar Price: $60


Room: Sustainability & Water Conservation Center

In this course, you will learn:
• Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances (MWELO).
• The composted ingredients, blankets & socks.
• Manufactured soils.
• Maintaining green infrastructure landscapes.
• Registration includes a 71-page "Sustainable Landscape Guidebook" for this workshop.

This seminar is provided by the Association of Compost Producers.

Dan Noble

Executive Director

Association of Compost Producers (ACP)

Mr. Dan Noble is a Founder of Noble Bioresources, Inc. (NBI), a majority owned subsidiary of Noble Resources Group, LLC. NBI is a bioproducts market & industry development firm, based in California. He is also Executive Director of the Association of Compost Producers (ACP) ( since 2002, and has over 40 years of science & business-based environmental education, market research, publishing, strategic consulting, enterprise and association management experience.

ACP continues to develop and implement awareness and market-ready programs, specifications, and sustainable management practices (SMP's) that build healthy soil using compost. NBI turns organic residual market intelligence into regenerative Organics Management Infrastructure Plans for local communities, and profitable bioproduct businesses to support development and operations of local renewable organic economies. Mr. Noble has B.A. degrees in Biology and Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego and M.S. degrees in Molecular Biology & Education from the University of Oregon.

Kathy Kellogg Johnson

Chairman of the Board

Corporate Secretary

Kellogg Garden Products

Kathy Kellogg Johnson is Chairman of the Board and Corporate Secretary for Kellogg Garden Products – an all-organic garden products company founded in 1925. Kathy has developed and managed the business towards a goal of sustainability and regenerative practices.

Jack Wright

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