October 10th & 11th  |  9:00 AM — 3:00 PM  |  Long Beach Convention Center

Wednesday, October 10th: 1:00 - 2:30 PM

Without a Targeted Strategic Plan & Business Model to Execute ... You’re Doomed!
by Judith Guido
CEUs applied for: APLD, NALP, PGMS

If you’re serious about winning, and tired of just getting by, putting out fires, pulling your hair out trying to build a great team, having no work-life balance, and not making the kind of money and R.O.I. you deserve…don’t miss this session. If providing value to your customers, employees and family is important, bring yourself & team. In just 75 minutes you’ll be given practical and usable tools, techniques and education for profitably growing your people and profits, while reducing your overhead and increasing your cash flow. Learn how to drive flawless execution of your business plan.

Attendees will learn how to:
-Build a strategy/business model that’s differentiated from competition & provides sustainable growth
-Identify your profitable core customers & build a packed pipeline of new customers
-Attract, retain & reward the right people to ensure success
-Identify your strengths, weaknesses & leverage trends
-Have plenty of cash on hand w/o selling your soul [or worse!]
-Create company valuation significantly higher than industry averages
-Have a balanced life & enjoy going to work each day
-Have Greater R.O.I, profits & value for customers, employee & company
-Drive flawless execution of your business plan

TLE seminars are "more advanced than typical conference seminars."
- Adolfo Villanueva, CAM Services

Judith Guido
Guido & Associates

Judith Guido, Chairwoman of Guido & Associates, has been helping Green industry companies successfully grow their people and profits for more than 25 years, and was inducted into the GREEN Industry Hall of Fame. Judy is a recognized Thought-Leader known for creating winning strategies and business models, as well as identifying and leveraging major trends, building world-class teams, recruiting high performers, turning around companies while increasing their valuation and M&A’s. She is a Green Industry Thought-Leader, C-Suite Executive, Consultant, Keynote speaker, Business Columnist, Researcher, Trainer, Investor, Board Member, Mentor and Advisor to some of the most success companies in our industry.
She has an MBA, and post graduate studies.
Some of Judy’s key career highlights include:
• Executive Vice President of Valley Crest [Now Brightview] focused on sales, marketing, strategy & branding
• Taking LandCare USA public on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE]
• Helped build Yellowstone Landscape now 10th largest landscape company in Country
• Executive VP of TruGreen-Landcare , a ServiceMaster Company
• Rebranding some of the leading companies including BrightView [Valley Crest at the time], Aquascape, Pacific Paving Stone & Intelligro-WEEDFREE
• Rebranding some of the key association including NALP [National Association of Landscape Professionals], SIMA [Snow and Ice Management Association]
• Participating in 103 Mergers & Acquisitions
• Built a world-class sales training, business development and recruitment programs
• Mentored over 120 industry professionals & students
• Writing 3 successful industry business columns
• Helping create over 15 start-ups [2 in the top 10 nationally]
• Creating primary research on industry trends & sustainability
• Highest ranked woman in Industry
• Being a lifelong LEARN-Aholic & Mom
• Working with entire value chain from manufacturers, suppliers & contractors to end-users
• Having a 25+ year successful industry track record
• Inducted into the GREEN INDUSTRY HALL of FAME   

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