October 10th & 11th  |  9:00 AM — 3:00 PM  |  Long Beach Convention Center

Thursday, October 11th: 1:00 - 2:30 PM

Soil Amendments and Benefits of Soil Organic Matter
by Russell Taylor
CEUs applied for: APLD, NALP, PGMS, QWEL

This class will discuss the importance of soil amendments in California soils. We will cover the benefits of improving soil organic matter and how it impacts water conservation and soil fertility. Attendees will learn when and how to use soil amendments to conserve water and improve plant vigor. Product discussions will include the similarities and difference between humates and biochars.

TLE seminars are "more advanced than typical conference seminars."
- Adolfo Villanueva, CAM Services

Russell Taylor
Vice President
Live Earth Products, Inc.

Russell is a Certified Crop Advisor with 25 years of experience in the fertilizer Industry. He is President of the Humic Products Trade Association and speaks internationally on the industrial uses of humic substances. His family was the first certified organic beef and pork farmers in Utah. Russell was appointed to a four year position advising the state of Utah on laws governing organic farming. His experience makes him a well rounded information source for both conventional and organic practices.

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