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1995 Calendar Of Events

San Antonio, TX hosted the best ASLA show in years.

WHERE SHOULD YOU GO IN 1995? With 1994 just about under our belts and planning for 1995 already underway or overdue, LASN has taken the time to look back at this past year's professional events. What meetings and expositions this year had opportunities for Landscape Architects that were either missed or taken full advantage of? Following is a list of some of the shows scheduled for 1995, both regional and national. The ones that have an asterisk indicate shows that LASN will be exhibiting at. LASN hopes that this will help you make 1995 even better!

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). 1994's Annual Meeting held October 8 -11 in San Antonio, Texas took a pleasant turn for the better compared to last year's, with the introduction of the new Executive Vice-President James Dalton a contributing factor.

The June issue of LASN asked its readership if they were planning to attend the ASLA Show in San Antonio, and 72% of the responses answered "No" (14% "Yes", 14% "Undecided"). However, despite the figures of the survey, this year's show had a reported 2,700 registered attendees, with approximately 300 - 500 of those people making up the 300 exhibiting companies that were there to get the business of LA's from throughout the nation. The 1995 Annual Meeting is in Cleveland, OH, October 7 - 10, and should be at the top of your list of professional shows.

American Zoo & Aquarium Assoc. (AZA) Next year's show will be September 15 - 19 in Seattle, WA, and LASN was told that there will be many opportunities for consultants and designers attending or exhibiting (you do need to be a member to exhibit). Last year there were 1400 attendees and 130 exhibitors in Atlanta, GA.

This year's ASLA show will be in Cleveland, OH.

National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB). In 1994, this show had 65,071 people with 800 exhibitors with plenty of business for Landscape Architects. According to the NAHB, 1995's convention in Houston, TX on Jan. 27 - 30 will have exhibitors "in every area of the home building industry." Those involved in multi-family housing and custom residential projects should exhibit this year.

*California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA). To be held on Feb. 8 - 9 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA, this is definitely a show for LA's to attend. A spokesperson for the organization told LASN that they currently are targeting Landscape Architects to attend the show. 1994 saw 5,700 attendants over two days with 310 companies exhibiting.

*International Erosion Control Association (IECA). With the 1995 show coming up on Feb. 28 - Mar. 3 in Atlanta, GA, the IECA expects to increase 1994's estimated total of 930 attendants in Reno, NV. Ben Northcutt, Executive Director of IECA, told LASN that "Landscape Architects who attend the show will get exposure to a lot of different design tools and products to complete a landscape project." Landscape Architects can meet leaders in the industry and learn erosion control techniques in a cost effective manner. "With their environmental knowledge, Landscape Architects can use the erosion control techniques he or she learns to have a broader input on a site from the beginning to the end of the project. I would also like to see more Landscape Architects become members of the IECA, for they are a perfect group for the association." LASN reported in its Feb. 1994 issue that Landscape Architect and EC specialist John Haynes was elected president of the Western Chapter of IECA. Also, read Ben Northcutt's article "Protecting the Earth: The Role of Erosion Control in Urban Landscapes" the Nov. 1994 issue.

The NRPA show in Minn., MN could have had more LA's attending and exhibiting.

Lightfair International. New York City played host to 14,000 attendants at Lightfair in 1994. However, as LASN reported in the May 1994 issue, Carole Carley, Director of Marketing for Lightfair stated that "Landscape Architects are among the specifiers that exhibitors most want to see at the show." However, "the profession had one of the least amount of representatives present." The profession should not let this happen again by attending in 1995, when the show is on May 23 - 25 in Chicago, IL.

National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA). The 1994 convention held in October in Minn., MN had loads of opportunities for LA's, if only more had exhibited. At the time of this publication, the total number of attendants was still being tabulated by the NRPA, but LASN was there to see the city managers and park superintendents looking to do business with LA's. LASN spotted only one firm that offered landscape architectural services. Too bad. Although it does overlap with the ASLA Annual Meeting, you can make the profession's presence felt this year by getting to the show in San Antonio, TX on Oct. 5 - 9.

Association of General Contractors of America (AGCA) According to Jeff Smith of the AGCA, this show is basically for general contractors, only "marginal for Landscape Architects." If you are interested, the show is scheduled for March 6 - 8 in San Diego, CA.

A Landscape Architect can broaden his skills at the IECA show in Atlanta, GA.

American Institute of Architects In 1994, there were 11,019 registered attendants at the show, with approximately 325 companies exhibiting. "A surprising amount of landscape oriented products are present at the show, especially when they are building related," said John Gaillaird, Senior Manager for the convention, which in 1995 is on May 5 - 8 in Atlanta, GA. LASN recommends that you both attend and exhibit. LASN Publisher George Schmok stated that, "Nowhere else can Landscape Architects have a greater impact than by participating in the AIA Show."

The Green Industry Expo A creation of the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), the Prof. Grounds Maintenance Society (PGMS), and the Professional Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA), the Green Industry Expo brings the top suppliers from the turf and ornamental sectors. Next year, the expo will be in Fort Worth, TX on November 12 - 16.

*AIE/C Systems The A/E/C Systems '95 Show could be the Comdex for design professionals. With computers changing at the rate that they are and having such an impact on your business, you should go this year.

Golf Course Superintendents of America (GCSAA) 1994's show had a total of 15,387 attendant's, and the 1995 show on Feb. 20 - 27 is expected to grow. There will definitely be professionals looking for the skills of LA's at this show, making it a good show to exhibit at.

The CLCA is currently targeting LA's to attend this year's show coming up in Feb.

*Turfgrass Producers International (TPI) There are two shows a year scheduled by TPI. The Winter Conference will be held on Feb. 8 - 12 in Orlando, FL, while the Summer Conference is scheduled for July 26 - 28 in Omaha, NB. This year, there were 477 and 764 attendants respectively at the shows. According to Tom Ford, Conference Manager for TPI, the show "has a large educational value for the Landscape Architect. By interacting with a sod producer, who will one day be a supplier, the LA can find out what works and what doesn't." TPI is making efforts to reach the LA, so this could be a rewarding conference to attend.

*American Planning Assoc. Though described by the APA as having "a few sessions for LA's but definately not designed for LA's," the 1995 Annual Meeting on April 8 - 12 in Toronto, Ontario expects 3,600 people to attend with 60 booths. This is still a show you should exhibit at and attend.

RealMart '95 Put on by the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks, RealMart '95 will be on October 16 - 20 in Las Vegas, NV. Shirley Maloney of NAIOP told LASN that they "do not get too many Landscape Architects at the show. Many attendants are in charge of the design of office parks, so I would love to see more at the show in '95." Try and exhibit at this one.

LA's are among the specifier's Lightfair exhibitors mpst wamt tp see at the show.

American Association of Nurserymen (AAN) Nineteen ninety-five's show will be held in Minneapolis, MN on July 27 - 30 in conjunction with the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association. According to the association, "the show will encompass everyone who is involved in the green industry." This leads LASN to recommend that you attend.

Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) Kibby Turner, President of the APLD, told LASN that "Landscape Architects that like to work with plants and plant design will find this one of the more valuable shows of the year." The APLD expects 200 to attend the show, which is to be held Feb. 2 - 5 in Louisville, KY.

Building Industry Association (BIA) Held on Nov. 2 - 3 in Anaheim, CA, the 1995 APLD show expects to exceed its estimated 1994 totals of 4,000 attendants. Those involved in multi-family and custom residential work should exhibit in 1995.

*Those assoc. marked by an asterisk indicate events where LASN will be exhibiting.

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