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$200 Billion in Transportation-Related Ballot Measures Approved on Election Day

Voters Pass 70 Percent of 280 Ballot Initiatives Nationwide


A total of 280 transportation-related measures were on November general election ballots in 22 states, and voters approved nearly 70 percent of those initiatives.

Voters in 22 states approved more than $200 billion in funding extensions and new revenue for state and local transportation projects through various ballot measures in the Nov. 8 general election.

Sixty-nine percent of 280 transportation-related initiatives passed in the general election, according to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

California will garner the largest monetary gain, as voters approved 15 of 26 transportation measures worth $133 billion. This includes a one-cent sales tax in Los Angeles that will generate $120 billion over 40 years for road, bridge and transit improvements.

Illinois and New Jersey passed transportation tax "lockbox" initiatives to prohibit state lawmakers from diverting transportation user fee revenue for non-transportation uses.

Maine approved a statewide transportation bond issue for $100 million, while Rhode Island voters approved $70 million in bonds for port investment.

In the state of Washington, voters approved a 25-year, $54 billion revenue package to expand Sound Transit light rail and bus routes. The package included a bond issue and increases in property, sales and motor vehicle taxes.

Voters in Georgia approved local sales tax increases to raise nearly $4 billion for road and transit projects in the metropolitan Atlanta area. In primaries earlier this year, voters approved 76 of 81 transportation funding measures -- or 93 percent -- of initiatives on state ballots.

Overall, voters have approved 74 percent of transportation ballot initiatives in 2016, according to the ARTBA.

The complete report and an interactive map showing the state-by-state results can be found at

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