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April Philips Design Works, Inc.

April Philips Design Works, Inc. is an award winning Bay Area Landscape Architecture and Planning firm that specializes in creating site specific design that is a fusion of sustainability, art and technology. Their focus is on creating environments that reconcile the complex relationships between built and natural systems. The firm is dedicated to creating designs that carry the weight of the idea and celebrates the visualization of strong ideas to create singular, unique projects. The firm believes that the design integration of the landscape's architectural and spatial structure, ecology, seasonality, materials and cultural needs add layers of character, spatial dimension and congruency to their projects.

Aspect Communications World Headquarters, San Jose

At Aspect Communications World Headquarters, architecture and landscape alike celebrate the Coastal California climate by blurring the line between indoors and out. This state-of-the-art, sustainable project redefines the relationship between building and landscape and between nature and community doubling the campus size while creating a healthy, urbane work environment and a new corporate identity that is both high tech and green.

Santana Row Park, San Jose

Santana Row Park is the centerpiece of Santana Row - a premier 40-acre neo-traditional town center near downtown San Jose featuring world-class shopping and accommodations. The park along the main street is the development's heart and major gathering place.

Oakland Memorial Park

The Oakland Memorial Park is a public space created to memorialize to those who died in the 1989 Cypress Freeway collapse during the Loma Prieta earthquake; a place to honor the survivors and the heroism of those who assisted in the rescue efforts; and the marking of the physical coming together of the West Oakland community.

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