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California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Landscape Architecture Department

The fifth-year senior project is an independently developed project in that the students chose their own site and program and are responsible for gathering any needed information regarding the project such as base map materials, planning studies, zoning, etc.

Transcontinental Catalyst: Living City at the Sacramento Rail Yards, Sacramento

This historic site has fallen to become an abandoned urban brown field, with 8 brick structures as their only lasting testament. In this context, the site will re-emerge to catalyze a movement with national significance. Embedded are the values and principles needed to propel our nation into its next phase of development, not one of expansion, but of redevelopment.
Submitted by Student Dalton LaVoie

Discovery Park Eco Cemetery, Seattle

This project explored the possibilities to unite issues concerning sustainability, space as sculpture and the relationship between users and the site in the design of an Eco Cemetery. Throughout the design process, the sculptural integration and interplay of landform, built form and plant form were of primary concern in achieving the design objectives.
Submitted by Student Marko Oblak

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