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MIG, Inc.

Moore Iacofano Goltsman (MIG), Inc., is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in land use/urban planning and design, landscape architecture, natural resources planning and communications. Since the firm's founding in 1981, they have worked extensively with public agencies and private clients nationally and internationally to create innovative and vibrant environments that support human development. MIG approaches landscape architecture as more than placing facilities on a site. They seek opportunities to encourage community and public interaction in attractive settings that integrate the natural built environment, and believe that a community's green infrastructure is a cornerstone of livability. They approach a project from a contextual perspective that involves integrating existing site features and topography with a specific program of functions and uses. For MIG, each project offers new opportunities to develop creative solutions to the complex design challenges of today's world.

Jacksonville Zoo Play Park, Jacksonville, Florida

Play Park is a 2-acre area within the Jacksonville Zoo for children ages 2 to 12 and adult visitors. The exhibits are designed to promote life science topics such as conservation and habitats through play. Kids can explore, touch, and immerse themselves in exhibits that will stimulate their imagination and encourage further exploration. "Do Not Touch" signs do not exist here.

Koret Children's Quarters, San Francisco

MIG redesigned the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park, believed to be the first public playground in America. The Playground opened in 1887 and was last renovated in 1977. Existing elements like the historic carousel and popular cement slides were incorporated into the design, which reflects the natural landscape of San Francisco as it transitions from forested hills to the edge of the sea.

San Gabriel River Master Plan, Los Angeles County

Building upon a vision and broad set of preliminary goals developed by San Gabriel River stakeholders, MIG conducted a focused, yet inclusive process that integrates newly identified recreation, open space and habitat opportunities with the critical functions of flood protection, groundwater recharge, and storm water conservation.

Ventura Community Park, City of Ventura

The 100-acre Ventura Community Park is the result of a community-based planning process to study recreation needs and identify gaps in sports and recreation facilities and programs. MIG led the entire process from initial needs assessment through master planning and design to final construction.

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