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Robert Mowat Associates

Robert Mowat Associates in Mission Bay, San Francisco has been in practice for over 25 years. The firm started with Robert Mowat as sole practitioner and grew over time, currently working on over 40 individual projects of varying scales and project types.

Contempo Park Ball Field, San Francisco

Contempo park baseball field was created with an amphitheater style design inspired by a local firms amphitheatre design in the 1960's. Pink colored concrete provided the basis for the softly curving seats that gently slope up a planted mound that provides perfect visibility of the field and ease of access to all seats.

Meridien Court, San Francisco

Meridien Court encompasses 90 acres with 357 homes. Found within the community are trails, a recreation center, a park, children's playground and a monument site. The community has two pools and is situated close to services and shopping along with several transit amenities. A trail with drought tolerant landscaping and California natives also adjoins the community.

Seven Hills Park, San Francisco

This park remodel was centered on the concept of cars, driving and racing. The play area is nestled into the hillside within an existing curved retaining wall. The concrete wall became a "Hot Wheels" track while the play area was surrounded by a recreated "LeMans" styled racing track. An operable street light is started in true drag racing fashion by pushing the crosswalk button nearby. Custom colored concrete benches resembling wide tracked cars or trucks were created for seating. Inexpensive, recycled metal trash cans were covered with recycled tires. Simulated exhaust pipes signal the beginning of the race track while flames and smoke are recreated within the resilient play paving.

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