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Stringham Associates

Stringham Associates is a small office consisting of Russell Stringham, principal landscape architect and one draftsperson. The firm has over 22 years of experience working on a wide variety of projects. Stringham chose landscape architecture as a profession, because of the design aspect, working with natural systems and creating outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. Working with clients one on one is the passion at Stringham Associates and the principal performs all of the design work himself. This has led to the development of strong personal working relationships with his clients that have lasted throughout the years.

Fifth Street Commons, Gilroy

Fifth Street Commons is a mixed-use project. Retail shops are at street level with residential living above. The historic arrangement of shop owners operating their businesses at street level and living above their shops was reintroduced. For the residents to enjoy, an interior courtyard was designed, giving residents a shady piece of garden to relive the harshness of an urban environment.

San Pedros Villas, Morgan Hill

This housing project in its beautiful residential setting has generous amounts of open space and a park. The park provides a play space, a meeting space and a place for families to enjoy. It is a large open space for passive recreation and relaxation. A Gazebo for functions and a playground for children are also great amenities for the neighborhood.

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