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'Tis the Season

By PGMS President-Elect, Gene Pouly

Gene Pouly, PGMS President-Elect.

As you read this, Christmas or Hanukkah and the New Year will be approaching. Hopefully plans are in force for you to be able to spend time with your families enjoying what the season has to offer. Yes, I realize that the landscape management tasks that we do will continue to demand our time. Depending on where we live the snow may need to be removed, or an irrigation line break may need to be fixed but I wish the best for you in balancing your time between public and private life.

The PGMS School of Grounds Management & GIE +Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky will also be in the recent past. You will be doing one of two things after reading the previous sentence. Either you are reminiscing about the items that you learned and have applied from the show or you are wondering if you should have gone to the show. Actually, some of you may be wondering what the show is all about! Part of what I would like to accomplish as incoming President of PGMS is to work on all the "best kept secrets" of PGMS. PGMS does not really have "best kept secrets," but we need to continue to work on awareness of all the tools PGMS provides for grounds managers.

The benefits of PGMS membership such as networking, professional advice, Certified Grounds Technician programs, the Green Star Awards and the Ann Seaman Scholarship Program are discussed with visitors to the PGMS booth at a recent conference. Images courtesy of PGMS.

Greg Nichols, our soon-to-be-recent past president, has had many items on his plate and has done an excellent job of promoting PGMS. He, in particular has focused on marketing, and was instrumental in inviting the Ollie Group, an image, advertising, and market consulting firm to spend a day with the executive officers and the board to make suggestions on successful marketing. A written report was submitted and confirmed some positive marketing that we have been engaged with and some sound marketing suggestions that are certainly food for thought and possible implementation.

Some other positive milestones that have transformed the word Professional into action in the PGMS organization has been our Certified Grounds Technician programs, Green Star Awards Program, and the Ann Seaman Scholarship Program, to mention a few. In the past, all of the activities mentioned have been streamlined, organized, updated and promoted by our many faceted and tireless PGMS members. The Joseph Shaner Management Group has also provided us with professional executive advice, managing day to day PGMS business affairs and providing a support team along with Tom Shaner as our Executive Officer.

As the PGMS president I want to continue to nurture the growth and development of PGMS from the past and continue this fine work into the present and future. PGMS as an organization has the ability to incite positive change to serve our members exponentially. I would like to compare our organization to a sleek yacht. We are large enough to have presence and value but small enough to be able to change direction precisely at the appropriate time.

There are many exciting things that I would like to accomplish as President of PGMS when I take office in January, 2009. I would like to focus on what I view as our strengths. Networking is always the first benefit of PGMS that comes to mind. We have such an opportunity to glean from the varied experience that our membership holds. Our membership directory is a good way to get a start at finding individuals that could be helpful to us in a particular subject matter involving grounds and facility maintenance. We have a website that provides us with additional information and a chance to list questions that we may have concerning some problems in our landscapes. The old fashioned way of getting information needed to promote productive work at our institutions is to talk with expert's one on one and in person. We can do this at the GIE, our regional meetings, and branch meetings.

"I would like to compare our organization to a sleek yacht. We are large enough to have presence and value but small enough to be able to change direction precisely at the appropriate time."

I welcome your positive feedback, and constructive criticism. I am acting as your President to serve you and will do my best. Please allow me to ask you members to put the word "we" into our vocabulary when talking about what we can do to strengthen our organization and increase membership. If we work together the sky is the limit!

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