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2009 ASLA Chapter Reports

Boston Society of Landscape Architects

Boston Society of Landscape Architects (BSLA) consists of landscape architects not only from Massachusetts, but also New Hampshire and Maine.


2009 BSLA Annual Awards
The BSLA Gala and Awards was held May 7 at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge. Attendees enjoyed a spectacular presentation. To view all the award winners, visit

Rain Bird
Structure Studios RH Peterson, Inc.
Fire Science Inc. OneSource Aquatics
Sport Turff John Deere
T-Mobile Hortica
Senna Tree

The Boston Society of Landscape Architects had three inductees in the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (from left):
o Niall Kirkwood, FASLA, elected in the category of knowledge.
o Tom Ryan, FASLA, for service to the profession.
o JP Shadley, FASLA, for works of landscape architecture.


Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture received an Honor Award in residential and garden design for Padaro Lane in Carpinteria, Calif.

A number of ASLA chapters are taking advantage of the online networking possibilities. BSLA created a Facebook group to interact with members and provide a forum for all things BSLA and landscape architecture related. Now you can get their latest news, view event information and network with fellow BSLA members.

Chinatown Park, the first of the parks completed along Boston's Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, marking the culmination of a multi-year planning, design and construction effort.

The Boston Landscape Scavenger Hunt
In September the chapter engaged in a scavenger hunt for the known and not so known landscape features that make Boston a treasure. The hunt began at Stantec Planning and Landscape Architecture, where teams of four gather to plan their strategies, with two hours to figure out the questions and clues.

Northern California ASLA Chapter

In early June 2009, Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed to eliminate the Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC), a cost-savings measure, and transfer its functions to the Calif. Architects Board. On June 15, the Senate Business, Profession, and Economic Development Committee had a hearing on the proposal and rejected it by a 6-2 vote. The motion to reject was made by the chairperson of the committee, Gloria Negrete McLeod, and agreed to by the Republican Vice-Chair, Mark Wyland.

Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to eliminate the Landscape Architects Technical Committee was rejected on June 15, thanks to the testimony and letters from numerous members of the California ASLA chapters.

Among those representing the interest of landscape architects was Andy Bowden of the So. Calif. ASLA Chapter and Mary Ann Aguary, LATC program manager. The Northern Calif. ASLA Chapter was represented by Dave Mitchell and John Nicolaus. Mark Christian from AIA provided the majority of the testimony, with Stephanie Landregan, ASLA explaining the impact of the UC Extension programs if LATAC was eliminated.

The Northern California ASLA Chapter had three inductees into the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (from top):
o George Girvin, FASLA, for works of landscape architecture.
o Daniel Lacofano, PhD, FASLA, for leadership and management.
o Robert Sabbatini, FASLA, for works of landscape architecture.

Note: LATC becomes "inoperative" on July 1, 2011 unless a new state statute is in place by Jan. 1, 2012, a situation the Calif. chapters are closely following.

Middlebrook Lecture
On Aug. 12, 2009 Alrie Middlebrook presented a lecture in Petaluma attended by chapter members and members of the California Landscape Contractors Association. The presentation covered design and construction, emphasizing soil health and native plantings.

Alrie Middlebrook, president and founder of Middlebrook Gardens, spoke to the chapter about design and construction, but emphasized soil heath and native plants. See "Art and Science of Controlling Water," LASN Nov issue.

"When we go back to natural systems, then our level of work to maintain them is very low and that is what sustainability is," she notes. "If you want to plant a site with natives, remember that you're dealing with a disturbed site exposed to invasives, the sun and introduced soils. Once the plants are in the ground, the site starts to recycle and become a native habitat. After three or four years, native plants will naturally move in that you didn't plant yourself. When that happens, you've reached a regenerative landscape that will regenerate itself without help from humans. The humans have become stewards of the land."

Colorado ASLA Chapter

ASLA Design Medal
Colorado Chapter member Richard Shaw, FASLA, a partner in the Aspen, Colorado office of Design Workshop, received the 2009 ASLA Design Medal. This is the highest ASLA honor for a landscape architect, presented for lifetime achievements and contributions to the profession.

Among the 2009 ASLA Colorado Awards winning projects in the 1-A category (over $500,000 construction budget) is DTJ Design for Chapungu Sculpture Park (March 2009 LASN.)

From private houses to urban master plans, Mr. Shaw's projects have garnered myriad design awards from ASLA and the Colorado Chapter. He has received the Urban Land Institute's prestigious Award of Excellence twice, for urban revitalization plans in Aspen, and for the Blackcomb Resort in British Columbia. He has served ASLA and the Colorado Chapter, the Landscape Architecture Foundation, advisory councils at Utah State University, Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Aspen Institute.

Pima Community College (Design Workshop, Inc., Denver).

2009 ASLA Colorado Awards
As we go to press, the Colorado ASLA is about to hold its annual awards event.

John Desmond, vice president of Urban Planning and Environment from the Downtown Denver Partnership will kick off the event, speaking about development in Downtown Denver.

The Colorado ASLA Chapter had two inductees in the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (from left):
o Eugene Eyerly, FASLA for service to the profession.
o Thomas Hawkey, FASLA for service to the profession.

Colorado Chapter member Richard Shaw, FASLA, a partner in the Aspen, Colorado office of Design Workshop, received the 2009 ASLA Design Medal.

The winning projects in the 1-A category (over $500,000 construction budget), is DTJ Design for Chapungu Sculpture Park; Arabelle at Vail Square (DHM Design); Arista Park (Norris Design); Avon Lake Street and Transit Center (Design Workshop Inc., Aspen); Columbine Memorial (DHM Design); Forsberg Iron Spring Park (Norris Design); Hideaway Park Events Space Expansion (Design Concepts CLA); and Pima Community College (Design Workshop, Inc., Denver).

The JSR Foundation will be hosting a silent auction during the awards event.

Florida ASLA Chapter

2009 Florida ASLA Chapter Awards of Excellence

Lucido & Associates (Stuart, Fla. office) received an Award of Excellence for the Patrick Park Residence in Jupiter, Fla. Dana Worthington, FASLA chapter president presented the award to the landscape architects.

The Frederic B. Stresau Award and Award of Excellence went to EDSA (Fort Lauderdale) for the Rosewood Laguna Kai Resort at the Mayakoba Riveria Maya, Mexico.

EDSA also received an Award of Excellence for Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

To see the other awards, visit the FLASLA gallery

The Florida ASLA Chapter had three inductees in the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (from left):
o Glenn Acomb, FASLA, for knowledge.
o Kevin Cavaioli, FASLA, for service to the profession.
o Paul Kissinger, FASLA, for works of landscape architecture.

Hawaii ASLA Chapter

Ah, the Hawaii Chapter, out there in the blue Pacific. The big event this year for the chapter was the presentation of the 2009 Professional Awards at the Waikiki Yacht Club in Honolulu on August 25. The awards are only given every three years and recognize the best in design, planning and analysis and communications.

The 2009 ASLA Hawaii Professional Awards were chosen from 24 entries by a juried panel. "The jury was drawn to honor projects that had transformational qualities; landscapes and plans that changed the community not just through design but by providing sensitive, creative and sustainable environmental design solutions," said Chris Dacus, ASLA Hawaii Chapter president.

We only have room to show you the chapter's three Awards of Excellence. To see all the award winners go to

Award of Excellence: Walters, Kimura, Motoda, Inc., general design, Waikiki Beach Walk.

Award of Excellence: Umemoto Cassandro Design Corp., planning and analysis, East-West Center Campus, landscape improvement master plan.

Award of Excellence: Loriann Gordon, ASLA, Knudson residence at Hualalai (Big Island), cited for integrating architecture, landscape architecture and art.

The Honor Awards Recipients

  • PBR Hawaii & Associates, Inc., planning and analysis Award for the Kahanu Garden master plan for the remote National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hana, Maui that preserves important cultural and natural landscapes.
  • Helber Hastert & Fee, general design award for the Shidler College of Business, which transformed once dingy and unused spaces into vibrant spaces. "The school is a model that other public buildings should follow," the judges said.
  • Umemoto Cassandro Design Corp., with Leland Miyano, residential design of the Aliomanu Residence, Kauai. The landscape design incorporated intimate, charming spaces within the expansive grounds.
  • PBR Hawaii & Associates, communication award for the Ho'opili community task force vision statement for the Ewa community.

Idaho-Montana ASLA Chapter

Jolene Rieck, the 2009 chapter president, reports the chapter has grown from 104 members to 127 members.

She and Jon Breckon attended the Chapter President's Council meeting in Chicago this year. Topics covered were communicating with allied professional organizations, supporting unemployed members, connecting with students, fundraising events, hiring an executive director and strategic planning.

The Rocky Mountain Rendezvous featured Angela Dye, FASLA speaking on "Modes of Transportation: Moving People through Environments." Ms. Dye is the immediate past president of ASLA and owner of A Dye Design in Phoenix.

"Rocky Mountain Rendezvous," Boise
"Sustainable Design and Healthy Communities" was the theme for the Idaho Montana ASLA Chapter's annual conference, held in Boise, Oct. 22-24. The awards banquet was held Saturday evening.

Sustainable is all the buzz, but how is it really applied? The conference brought together experts on the subject with real insight into what is sustainability, energy and resource consumption, practical applications and profitable solutions.

The ASLA Rendezvous featured three keynote speakers. "Emerging Trends in Recreation Design and Planning," was presented by Gary Scott, FASLA, the new president of ASLA. He is the director for the West Des Moines, Iowa Parks and Recreation Dept.

Angela Dye, FASLA, the ASLA president in 2009, spoke on "Modes of Transportation: Moving People through Environments." Ms. Dye is the owner of A Dye Design in Phoenix.

Jack Carmen, FASLA, CAPS, spoke on "Aging Populations and the Role of Therapeutic Design Techniques." Mr. Carmen is president of Design For Generations in Medford N.J.

The 2009 Rocky Mountain Rendezvous also featured Gary Scott, FASLA, speaking on "Emerging Trends in Recreation Design and Planning." Mr. Scott is the current national president of ASLA.

Other Speakers
Mike Ferguson, chief economist for Idaho, spoke on "Expectations for the Future of the Economy." David Kahn of David Kahn Studios, Eldorado Springs, Colo. spoke on "Sustainable Communities: Planning for Net Zero Energy and Mixed Use Neighborhoods." A panel discussion on "Optimizing Water Resource Management and Irrigation Efficiencies" featured Stephanie Raddatz, United Water, Boise, Paul Bassett, Water Savers, LLC, Jessup, Md., Jim Moyer, irrigation designer, Meridian, Idaho, and Lynda Wightman, Hunter Industries.

Rounding out the events of the annual get-together was a golf tournament and a design charrette at the University of Idaho.

Illinois ASLA Chapter

New Landscape Architect Law in Illinois
On August 25, 2009, Governor Quinn signed SB1925 into law and created a new landscape architecture law. This is the culmination of nearly a six-year effort and the ILASLA is of course pleased with this success.

Landscape architects in Illinois are now designated as design professionals, joining such professionals as architects, engineers and surveyors. Illinois landscape architects now meet certain governmental purchasing requirements and participate as prime consultants on a broader range of projects. The term "Licensed" has replaced "Registered" in the law. Licenses are issued by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Whether the initials LLA, LA or RLA become the standard will be sorted out in time.

The Illinois ASLA Chapter had the most inductees (four) in the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (clockwise from top left):
o Paul Gobster, PhD, FASLA, for knowledge.
o Theresa Guen-Murray, FASLA, for works of landscape architecture.
o Scott Mehaffey, FASLA, for service to the profession.
o James Patchett, FASLA, for knowledge.

Landscape architects in Illinois are now required to have a seal. Plans, specifications and reports related to landscape architectural practice and prepared by the landscape architect or under the LA's supervision must be stamped with the newly authorized seal. This matches the procedures of neighboring states and allied professions. Having a uniform seal clears up confusion caused when local jurisdictions require stamped documents. The final design of the seal will be determined by the state in the coming months.

Professional liability insurance is now required for landscape architects. Similar to the seal design, insurance details will be determined in the future. Each year, six hours of continuing education is now required of licensed landscape architects. Recording procedures and guidelines for determining which education sessions qualify will be decided and published by the state.

Recent Events
The first ILCA/ILASLA Golf Outing and the annual Student Office Tour were recently held. The annual awards dinner takes place Dec. 4.

Michigan Gets Practice Act

On January 12, 2009, Gov. Granholm signed House bills 5025 and 5026 into law under Public Acts 490 and 491, thus regulating the practice of landscape architecture in Michigan from a title act to a practice act.

"Full licensure, a practice act, levels the playing field for Michigan landscape architects by eliminating a competitive disadvantage on a state, regional and national basis for related work and improves our economic business standing," said Brian Mulligan, ASLA, president of the chapter (2008-2009).

"I would like to thank past and present chapter executive boards, ASLA; state representatives and senators that both sponsored and supported our bills, and all the landscape architects that have provided knowledge and leadership throughout this endeavor. Take pride in knowing that Michigan is the 43rd state to regulate the practice of landscape architecture. Please join with me in celebrating this historical achievement and let it renew your desire and commitment to landscape architecture. Remain active through mentoring, lobbying, community outreach, and participation in chapter events that support our profession. I challenge you to be a significant part of this positive change."

The chapter's government affairs committee says there is work to be done now that the legislation has passed into law, and has asked members to contribute to the political action committee fund to support the chapter's long-term goals.

Michigan got its practice act when Gov. Granholm signed House bills 5025 and 5026 into law on January 12, 2009. "Full licensure, a practice act, levels the playing field for Michigan landscape architects by eliminating a competitive disadvantage on a state, regional and national basis," said Brian Mulligan, ASLA, Michigan Chapter president (2008-2009).

L.A. Program Celebrates Centennial
The University of Michigan celebrated the 100th anniversary of its landscape architecture program, Oct. 9-10. The two-day event recognized the innovative and groundbreaking success of one of the most prestigious professional programs in the country. A series of tours, panel discussions and social events explored the program's past, present and future, and how the university can continue to shape the profession.

New Mexico ASLA Chapter

By Amy Duckert, NMASLA Secretary

In the face of the tumultuous economic environment, membership enrollment for the New Mexico Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects remained fairly consistent in 2009. We are proud of our membership commitment and strong executive committee leadership.

The NMASLA first quarter meeting event included a trip aboard the Albuquerque BioPark narrow-gauge train at the Albuquerque Aquarium & Botanic Garden. A second quarter meeting offered a tour of the Santa Fe Railyard and a newly renovated historic plaza.

One thing that did change was the way we conduct business. We have moved from a monthly membership-meeting format to an (approximately) quarterly event calendar. The executive committee still maintains its monthly meeting schedule to conduct chapter business, however, quarterly events for membership have been organized to focus on continuing education and tours of projects around the state. We have also tried to spread out our geographic influence with the quarterly events occurring throughout the state.

This is a challenge for a large state (with a small membership) like New Mexico.

"Edible Albuquerque" was the Earth Day (April 25) event for the chapter at the Albuquerque Botanic Gardens.

Our special events took place in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. We look forward to visiting other areas in 2010. We also look forward to training sessions for the LARE and SketchUp software in the next year. We always include an annual event that simultaneously celebrates Earth Day and Landscape Architecture Month in April. This year we continued our tradition of an Earth Day chalk art design competition at the Albuquerque Biologic Park. This event also included NMASLA participation in tours of the Heritage Farm at the Rio Grande Botanic Garden.

The New Mexico Chapter is proud of the hard work of our leadership and commitment of members in trying times. We anticipate that 2010 will be an equally challenging year for our state and membership, but we look forward to the opportunities to promote and participate in such a critical profession.

New York ASLA Chapter

President's Dinner
The New York ASLA Chapter (NYASLA) encompasses the NYC metro area, plus Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

New York Chapter held its President's Dinner on November 19. NYASLA President Susannah Drake honored NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Richard Kahan, president of the Urban Assembly and Signe Nielson, principal partner of Signe Nielson Landscape Architecture.

The New York ASLA Chapter had three inductees into the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (from left):
o Ed Hollander, FASLA, works of landscape architecture.
o Rick Parisi, FASLA, works of landscape architecture.
o Christian Zimmerman, FASLA, works of landscape architecture.

Janette Sadik-Khan was appointed the NYC DOT commissioner by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg in April 2007. She manages 4,500 employees with expertise ranging from engineering to construction finance, to marine navigation. She is responsible for 6,000 miles of streets and highways, nearly 800 bridges, 1.3 million street signs, 300,000 streetlights and 12,000 signalized intersections, as well as the Staten Island Ferry, the nation's busiest commuter ferry service carrying over 19 million passengers annually.

Richard Kahan, president and founder of the Urban Assembly, has spent 35 years solving urban problems by fostering partnerships between the public and private sectors. In 2000 he co-founded Take the Field, a nonprofit organization that in four years rebuilt 43 public school outdoor athletic facilities in all five boroughs at a cost of more than $132 million.

Among the honorees at the NYASLA annual President's Dinner was NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan (left) and Richard Kahan, president and founder of the Urban Assembly.

As President and CEO of the New York State Urban Development Corp., he initiated a $3 billion statewide economic development program that preserved and created more than 100,000 jobs. As Chairman and CEO of Battery Park City Authority, he was responsible for the planning, design, and development of Battery Park City, the largest urban development in the U.S. at the time. During this period he was also president and CEO of the New York Convention Center Development Corp., creating the authorizing legislation and directing the design, financing, and construction of the $375 million Javits Center.

The dinner event included a video tribute of the body of work the chapter landscape architects have produced this year, works displayed on large screens in the banquette hall for all to admire.

Rhode Island ASLA Chapter

The state of Rhode Island is experiencing one of the highest levels of unemployment in the country, and this has of course affected the landscape industry. However, the R.I. ASLA Chapter (RIASLA) has continued many of the efforts that we have in the past.

This includes sponsorship of the landscape architecture lecture series at the University of R.I. and R.I. School of Design and various Landscape Architecture Month (LAM) events. The chapter continued its participation in the R.I. Spring Flower & Garden Show with our "Designer Forum," which provides free landscape design services to the show attendees. The Flower Show was also the setting for the presentation of our Past Presidents Awards. The intent of the biennial RIASLA Past Presidents' Awards is to recognize projects or events instituted by public agencies or nonprofit groups that have significantly enhanced or improved, for the public good, the environment or our awareness of it.

Karen Beck, FASLA, of the RIASLA Chapter was inducted into the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows. Her escort is C. Edward Curtin, FASLA of the Indiana ASLA Chapter.

For the twentieth year in a row, the RIASLA provided Landscape Architecture Registration Exam (LARE) preparation workshops. As the only LARE reviews offered in the northeast, exam candidates attend from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. These workshops address all of the exam sections affordably for the candidates while bringing in much-needed revenue to the chapter.

RIASLA continues to produce a bi-monthly newsletter, which is mailed out to all chapter members, legislators, the governor, the planners and recreation directors in all 39 cities and towns and sister design/environmental organizations.

Art Eddy (RIASLA Chapter President), Megan Gerrish, Tim Gerrish, Kurt van Dexter, and Richard Schartner, Sr. The event was a "Harvest Supper" held at Schartner Nursery October 16, 2009.

Goals for the upcoming year include:

  • Work to incorporate elements of the ASLA Sustainable Sites Initiative into our promotion of the profession locally.
  • Look for additional ways to develop more traffic on the RIASLA website.
  • Develop a "resource clearinghouse" for sustainable assessment.
  • Look at additional means to promote our profession in a positive way.
  • Increase student/professional interaction.
  • Increase National Landscape Architecture Month activities and outreach in the K-12 schools.
  • Increase member and student participation in ASLA in-District Advocacy Day.
  • Create a media outreach program for the RIASLA.

Texas ASLA Chapter

Cleveland Turner III was the only Texan named to the 2009 ASLA Class of Fellows (service to the profession).

2009 Texas ASLA Awards
Twenty-three projects received awards this year from the Texas ASLA Chapter.

  • 4 Awards of Excellence
  • 8 Honor Awards
  • 11 Merit Awards

The four Awards of Excellence are pictured here, but all the awards and images can be viewed at the chapter's website

Awards of Excellence:

Lake Houston Wilderness Park -- SWA Group: Planning and Analysis

LCRA Redbud Center -- J. Robert Anderson Landscape Architects: Design, Public Construction.
Note: The Redbud Center was part of the Nov. LASN feature "Water and More: 25 years of Sustainable Landscapes in Texas," by J. Robert Anderson, FASLA.

The Domain -- J. Robert Anderson Landscape Architects: Design, Commercial Construction

Urban Design and the Bottom Line, by Dennis Jerke: Communications

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