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Sustainability Series Moves to Larger Seminar Rooms

Debbie Evans: Selecting Sustainables
Find out how to convert water-waste landscapes into sustainable native gardens and see successful large-scale projects where natives have been instrumental in creating sustainable spaces.
Nov. 5, 10:30, APLD Credits Available

Bill Baker & Danielle Aslam: FREE Composting Workshop
How to work toward a zero waste policy by regulating the handling, processing and disposal of solid waste, and protecting the public health and safety and the environment.
Nov. 5, 11:30 to 1:30

Alrie Middlebrook: Sustainable Landscape Design + Installation
Learn how native gardens are based on ecologically appropriate plant species plus cutting-edge sustainable technology and techniques from a respected landscape professional and California native plant specialist.
Nov. 4, 10:30, APLD Credits Available

Daniel Wilson: Sustainable Landscape Installation
Installing beautiful landscapes that use little water, no pesticides, no fertilizers and minimal-to-no fossil fuels, plus how to deal with grey water.
Nov. 4, 10:30 to 12:30, APLD Credits Available

Debbie Evans: Selecting Sustainable CA Natives
Ecological restoration, habitat enhancement and authentic landscaping, focusing on stewardship of the land and the concept of horticulture appropriate to this beautiful region called California.
Nov. 4, 9:30, APLD Credits Available

Tom Hawkins & Wayne Thorson: Sustainable Turfgrass Choices
While all Buffalo grasses are highly drought tolerant, some are more so than others. This in-depth discussion focuses on the new generations, which can save up to 75% more water, plus reduce chemical use and pollen.
Nov. 5, 9:30, APLD Credits Available

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